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Etwas Deutsches

News: Six murders in Sai Baba's Bed Room

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What is Indian Skeptic?

Indian Skeptic is a magazine which publishes articles on the scientific investigation of apparently paranormal occurrences. It has a special emphasis on cases from India, but all contributions which deal in a scientific manner with paranormal phenomena are welcome.(See detailed aims for more information)

Who publishes Indian Skeptic?

Publisher and chairman of Indian CSICOP is the famous "Anti-Guru"B. Premanand (15K)

Why this Page?

To make Indian Skeptic and its struggle forreason and science for the benefit of mankind better known to the world-wide electronic community.

Can I reach B. Premanand via email?

In principle you can leave a message for him at the address mentioned at the bottom of this page. However such messages will be delivered to him with serious delay so that in this case snailmail would be probably much faster. Please also give your snailmail address if you want a reply.

Where can I order a subscription?

Where can I order books?

Where can I direct my snail mail to?

All Here.
There is also available a list of Indian organisations which cooperate with Indian CSICOP.

Tables of contents of back issues of Indian Skeptic

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Some samples

Margaret Bhatty
more text samples

Other WWW sources on Skepticsim

We are currently eliminating this list. Please use the Skeptic Webring instead. (see blow)

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CSICOP (with more international links)
German Skeptics (old)
NewEngland Skeptical Society (also CSS)
SKEPTICAnnotated Bibliography

The Paranormal Challenge

Find out how to win 100,000 Rupees by demonstrating merely one paranormal ability of any kind.

Remotely related issues.

Individual authors are responsible for the articles attributed to them.
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Last update: 23. September 2000

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