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from: Skeptoon, an Illustrated Look at Some New Age Beliefs

Sai Baba
from: Magic Minds - Miraculous Moments

from: Magic Minds - Miraculous Moments

Sceptic gives Gurus Curry
from: the Skeptic Vol 11(3) p10

Harry Edwards was born in London, England.

He served as a Communications Officer with the British Secret Service during the war.

Following a successful career as a building contractor, he has spent his retirement enthusiastically pursuing his main interests - travel, debating and writing. His particular interest is investigating and reporting on paranormal claims and events.

Currently he is the National Secretary of the Australian Skeptics, an investigator and contributing editor of the Australian Skeptics'journal, the Skeptic.

In his most recent Operation Termite he proved that the Australian Psychic's Association contrary to there statements to only accept the most renowned clairvoyants in fact accept just anyone who can pay the entrance fee.

Skeptoon, an Illustrated Look at Some New Age Beliefs, by Harry Edwards
ISBN 0 646 17275 1
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Austr. $ 15 (includes air mail)

Magic Mind, Miraculous Moments, by Harry Edwards
ISBN 0 646 13236 9
Austr. 25 $ (includes surface mail)

Austr. 22 $ (includes air mail)

the Skeptic

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