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Regular updates on prominent gurus, on village "witchcraft" and on the sometimes dangerous fight against superstition in the vast Indian subcontinent is published in the monthly magazine, Indian Skeptic.

Indian Rates

Single copy Rs. 5,-

Annual subscription Rs, 60,-

Life subscription Rs. 500,-

Foreign Rates

Single copy

US $ 1.00 (or equivalent amount in your currency. This even includes airmail!)

Annual subscription

US $ 12.00 (or equivalent amount in your currency. This also includes airmail.)

Life subscription

US $ 150.00 (or equivalent amount in your currency. Again, this price includes airmail.)

The 150$ US will be refunded in full if Indian Skeptic should ever cease to exist. If the journal exists past your death, you can denote a denominee to whom your subscription will be passed on. Life members receive books published by the Indian Skeptic book club at half the usual price.

Please send M. O. or postal order payable to B. Premanand, Convenor, Indian CSICOP, 11/7, Chettipalayan Road, Podanur 641 023 (Tamil Nadu), INDIA on any bank at at Coimbatore. Orders from other countries send payment by Western Union Money Transfer.

c/o Premanand B.
11/7, Chettipalayan Road
Podanur 641 023 (Tamil Nadu)

[email protected]

Last update: 1 April 2007