1. To develop Scientific Temper, Humanism, Spirit of Inquiry and reforms.

2. To encourage the critical investigation of paranormal and fringe science claims from a responsible, scientific point of view and to disseminate factual information about the results of such inquiries to the scientific Community and the public. To carry out these objectives the Committee:

* Maintains a net work of people interested in critically examining claims of the paranormal

* Prepares bibliographies of published materials that carefully examine such claims:

* Encourages and commissions research by objective and impartial inquiry in areas where it is needed:

* Convenes conferences and meetings:

* Publishes articles, monographs, and books that examine claims of the paranormal:

* Does nor reject claims on a priori grounds, antecedent to inquiry, but rather examines them objectively and carefully.

The committee is a non profit, scientific and educational organisation. "INDIAN SCEPTIC" is its official Journal.

The University of Regensburg neither approves nor disapproves of the opinions expressed here. They are solely the responsibility of the person named below.

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Last update: June 14. 1995