Florida, Jan.8, 1989 (UPI)

A circuit judge has overruled a mother who refused to permit a life-saving blood transfusion for her infant daughter because her religion forbids the procedure.

Judge J.Lewis Hail said he had no hesitation signing a court order authorising the transfusion on Friday after lawyers for Tallahassee Memorial Regional Medical Centre said the child's life was at stake.

A spokeswoman at the hospital said on Saturday that patient confidentiality laws prevented and release of any information about the child's condition or whether she actually received the transfusion.

But one of the hospital's lawyers said he was sure the procedure was performed soon after the order was signed.

No one involved in the case knew that religion is practiced by the mother, Glenda Alexander of Perry. Case papers refer simply to her religious convictions.

The mother was a patient at Hamilton County Hospital in Jasper, where she gave birth to the baby. The child was rushed to Tallahassee by helicopter ambulance.

"I'am not faulting the woman for religious beliefs. I know they're sincere", said John Buchanan, a lawyer for the hospital.

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