Letter of Dr. Dale Beyerstein to Dr. Haraldsson


Department of Philosophy, 1866 Main Mall, E-370,

Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson, Department of Psychology,

University of Iceland, 101, Reykjavik, Iceland.

March 7, 1988

Dear Dr. Haraldsson,

I will be writing a review of your book "Modern Miracles" for one of the learned journals in the field, and am wondering about one or two questions.

First, let me thank you for writing the book. I believe it to be of first ranking importance in studying the Sai Baba phenomenon. Certainly of all the books I've so far come across on Baba, of this type, it is the place to begin in assessing the phenomena. Congradulations on your persistant and balanced research!

Some questions:

1) On pg 27 you say, "our sympathetic swami was not a man of science". What led you to this? Was this just his refusal to allow scientific tests and controls to be made? Or did he give indications of being positively uninformed about science? What was your impression of whether he could pass a university level exam in mathematics, physics, chemistry or biology?

2) In the chapter "The Critics" pg. 199, why is no mention made of Premanand and the Committee for The Scientific Investigation of the Paranormal? and its on going investigations into Sai Baba?

3) In "How Real?", "Second Look", you talk about there being no direct evidence of sleight of hand? Are you familiar with Sam Dalal's research into the Seiko watch materialisation?

4) In discussion of the bilocation evidence, why was no mention made of Neelakantha Baba, who appeared as such several months after the bilocation phenomenon, dresses like Sai Baba, has similar hair, materializes small objects and vibuti etc?

5) What sort of response from Sai Baba or from devotees who have publicized the Cowan resurrection such as Dr. Hislop has there been? To your research in "Raising the Dead? (pg.243).

Thank you once again for all your work on behalf of science, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes in your endeavours,

Yours sincerely,

Dale Beyerstein, Lecturer.

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