Dear Skeptic Friends,

10th and 11th issue of Indian Skeptic reaches you together. This delay could not be helped because of my tour to United States and Canada since October 19th, 1988. The April issue will be posted to you before the end of April. Thus the annual subscription paid by you is expiring.

While purchasing the BPL photo-copier, the technical information given to me by the manufacturers was that each issue of 40 pages would cost only Rs.4/-. But from practical experience it is Rs.7/- per issue. The postage comes to 50 n.p. plus 7 n.p. for certificate of posting as I found that my post do not reach the addressee unless it is sent by Regd. Post or under certificate of posting. Moreover the Registrar of Press and Newspapers have kept my application for registration under cold storage for the past one year and so I cannot make use of the postal concession, etc., nor could I sell the News letter to the public. I am proposing to move the court. Thousands of public are asking for copies and so I have purchased a small table top Offset printing machine which will arrive by the end of May 1989. With the offset machine we can print our own books on the researches on paranormal claims. The press costs Rs.50,000/-.

I want you to help this cause by becoming a life subscriber paying Rs.500/- by draft payable to B.Premanand at Coimbatore. You will get the news letter regularly and also get 30% discount on the books published by us. If by any cause the news letter is stopped you will get Rs.500/- back. I hope you will come forward to help the cause.

Yours sincerely,


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Last update: 8 July 1998