Prohibition of the Word Sena

Scientific Temper Promotion Trust,

Managing Trustee: The Maharashtra Executor & Trustee Co., Ltd.,

(A Subsidiary of Bank of Maharashtra) (Reg. No. E-9464, Bombay)


Respected Sir/Madam,

I address this letter to you in the capacity of the Chairman-Trustee of the above trust and also as a social worker.

In the context of our so called democracy we find that the word "Sena" meaning army has suffered considerable degradation at the hands of upstart political leaders. Senas have been sprouting all over the place. They are generally named after some hero, deity or clan and are exploited by the promoters to achieve their own selfish political goals by arousing the fightful passions of the younger generation particularly.

I feel that a great national cause will be served if we can prohibit the use of this word "Sena" for any purpose other than to indicate the defence forces or any wing thereof e.g. Sthal Sena, Naw Sena, Vayu Sena etc.

To present my case I have noted the following points:

i) The word Sena is from our national lingua franca Hindi.

ii) Sena means the forces who go to war.

iii) To use the word Sena in the name of any social, political body is clearly a degradation of the word, and a blatant act of socializing and democratizing violence. Nothing can be more sacrilegious to our constitution. I have no doubt that before long we shall be reading of internecine street-battles between the Senas. The whole society will then be living as in a state of siege.

iv) Having used the word Sena in the name of any social, political body, to claim that the organization is peaceful and democratic is an exercise in futility. In other words the word Sena can not be devoid of its militant intents and designs.

v) Such Senas, when they take up the cause of particular religion or creed, easily drag their followers in the whirlpool of communal violence, thereby making a mockery of democracy and secularism et al.

vi) The use of the word "Sena" in politics is clearly an act of sedition and must be viewed as such.

Dear Advocate-friend, I shall be grateful to you if you please throw some light on how I can start legal proceedings to obtain a blanket ban on the use of the world "Sena" except in the defence services (Just as the word "co-operative" has been reserved exclusively for naming co-operative societies under the act.)

Looking forward to your valuable guidance.

Yours faithfully,


Chairman - Trustee

WRITE TO: M.K.Samant, Chairman Trustee, Chetana Mudranalaya, Ranade Road, Dadar, Bombay 400 028.

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