The above article is a disclaimer sent to about 1750 newspapers and journals in United States by CSICOP, Buffalo. In India we would like to make a survey of the newspapers who publish astrological predictions and also who do not publish, and collect from them statement as to why they publish the same or why they do not publish. For this purpose I want your help.

You have to collect the names and addresses of the newspapers and journals which are available in your state and prepare a statement as to who all publish and who donot publish the astrological predictions and send the same to me as early as possible.

I am already sending to about 4000 news papers and journals whose addresses are with me a copy of the disclaimer and asking them to inform me their answers to the above questions. I hope you will help me in this survey and send your statement as early as possible.

If any of you would like to attend the CSICOP International Conference at Chicago (particulars are given in the July news letter) please contact me for further details.

With my best wishes,

B. Premanand.


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