Gottfried Niemietz, the leading legal expert of the Atheists in West Germany was our guest in 1966 when several of the Atheist friends in West Germany were prosecuted under the blasphemy law. Now he himself is, being prosecuted under section 166 of the West German Blasphemy law. We have protested to the Minister of Justice and the Court in our June issue. We wish all the associations co-operating with us would protest against this medivieval law of Blasphemy to the Minister of Justice and the Court. Please send three copies of the protest to me so that it could be posted to the concerned departments in a bunch.


Reference 100 Js 2/88

Addresses of Protest: Amtsgericht Wuerzburg, 8700 Wuerzburg, West Germany.

Bavarian Minister of Justice, Postfach, 8000 Munchen 35, West Germany.

Please send a copy of your letter to the German Secretary of the Russel Tribunal, Dr.Karl Mutter, Laubestr. 37, D-6000 Frankfurt, West Germany.

Professor Vladimir Dedijer	MEDNARODNO SODISCE
Member of the Serbian Academy	ZA VOJNE ZLOCINE
of Sciences and Arts
LLD.M.A. (Oxon)
Chairman and President of the	INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIMES
First Russell Tribunal on Vietnam	TRIBUNAL
First Vice-President of the	TRIBUNAL INTERNATIONAL
Second Russell Tribunal on	CONTRE LES CRIMES
Latin America	DE GUERRE
President of the third Russell	INTERNATIONALES TRIBUNAL
Tribunal on the violation of	FOR KRIEGS-VERBRACHEN
human rights in the Federal
German Republic
Honorary President of the First	HONORARY PRESIDENT
session of the Permanent People	Bertrand Russell
Tribunal on Afganistan
52395 Savudrija (Salvore)	EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT
Istra, Jugoslavija,	Jean-Paul Sartre
Telephone 053-59-504
Vladimir Dedijer

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