In 1978, through several journals like Janayugom, Caravan etc., I called for the experiences of people whose prayers have been answered by god and I announced a prize of Rs.1000/- Rs.500/- and Rs.250/- for the most truthful experience. Lots of articles were received and when I tried to verify them I found them not to be true.

I give below an experience of a devotee of Satya Sai Baba who believes that she only has to call him and he at once answers her prayers. I have already given you the clue that the story had no truth. Satya Sai Baba had not helped her. Now write to me as to how you will verify the truthfullness of this story.


Mrs. Jayashri Balakrishnan,

"Shanthi", 6 Ratnaswami Nadar Road, Madurai.2

Dear Mr. Premanand,

I understand from an advertisement in the "Caravan" Magazine that you are interested in knowing about the experiences of people who pray to Sri Sathya Sai Baba and whose prayers have been answered by Him.

I have had innumerable such experiences and I would like to share some of them with you.

My husband was a leading doctor in Madurai until his sudden death in 1974. We were a very happy family with absolutely no problems. I had heard of Sri Sathya Sai Baba from some friends and relations and had a desire to have his darshan. Very soon my desire was realised for Sri Sathya Sai Baba came to Madurai in June 1966. We attended one of His prayer meetings and it was a case as the saying goes, "He came, He saw, He conquered - we saw Him, We heard His speech and Bhajans and we were completely thrilled and charmed by what we heard and saw. Before He left Madurai, He sent for us and gave us an interview. He talked to us as if He knew us for a long time. He completely won us over. We surrendered ourselves to Him fully and He in His turn accepted us fully.


Once we were returning from Puttaparthy. Our car a plymouth broke down at a lonely place about 30 miles from Salem. My youngest daughter was only about 3 years old then. Our driver tried his best to repair the fault - (none of the gears were working) but without success. We stopped one or two lorries, but they could not do anything for us. We were feeling very desperate as we had two little children with us. We prayed to Swami and I was sure Swami will some how come to our help. In about a few minutes a white fiat car came and stopped near us. Two men got out of it. Before my husband or the driver could say anything to them, one of them asked my husband if he had a safety pin with him. Luckily I had a safety pin and I gave it to him. He took the pin and asked the man with him to go under the car and "fix it in the nipple".

It took only a few seconds to do this. He then turned to my husband and said, "You can now go with the second gear on till salem and from there you can get a mechanic to set "the car right for you." "I am coming with you and so have no fear." To our surprise our car started easily and we saw the white flat coming behind our car for a few minutes. Then it shot forward and disappeared. We reached Salem safe and took the car to a mechanic. The flat metallic plate in the gear box was broken into two. The mechanic took two hours to weld it. They could not believe us when they heard that we travelled 30 miles uphill with that broken gear plate still with us as a souvenir.


By B.K.Pal, Bhuvaneshwar.

Here I narrate an interesting episode which shows how much man is afraid of the unknown.

Recently there was a small theft in my neighbouring village. An alluminium pot costing about Rs.200/- was stolen on one evening. The owner of the pot could not ascertain as to who the thief was. The villagers decided to approach a soothsayer whom they believed would unfailingly reveal the where abouts of the thief. Next morning some villagers along with the owner of the pot approached the Tantrik and the owner paid Rs.300/- in advance while the fee settled to find the thief was Rs.800/-. Though the cost of the pot was only Rs.200/- they agreed to pay Rs.800/- as they were determined to know who the thief was and to punish him. The Tantrik promised to come to the spot after three days and the villagers returned home.

Surprisingly, the next evening the stolen pot was found near the house of the owner. But the villagers were not satisfied. They were determined to find out the thief and decided in a meeting to carry out the tantrik rites.

Next day morning a youth aged about 20 years of the same village admitted that he committed the theft. From him the villagers collected fine. A group of people went to inform the Tantrik about the recovery of the property and wanted the advance money to be refunded which the tantrik refused.

Amateur thieves get frightened often and the tantriks boast of their success in catching the thief. These things get wide publicity.

The question here is, if one can know the whereabouts of a thief by supernatural means, then is it not wise on the part of the government to appoint tantriks in place of trained police men?

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