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1. Hon. Mr. Chief Justice Y.V.Chandrachood, and other Companian Justices of the Hon. Supreme Court of India:

2. Hon. Mr. Justice P.N.Bhagavathi

3. Hon. Mr. Justice V.Balakrishna Erady

4. Hon. Mr. Justice D.A.Desai

5. Hon. Mr. Justice A.N.Sen

6. Hon. Mr. Justice Khalid

7. Hon. Mr. Justice S.Murtaza Fazal Ali

8. Hon. Mr. Justice A.Varadarajan

9. Hon. Mr. Justice Sabyasachi Mukherjee

10. Hon. Mr. Justice M.P.Thakkar

11. Hon. Mr. Justice D.P.Madon

12. Hon. Mr. Justice Ranganath B.Misra

13. Hon. Mr. Justice V.D.Tulzapurkar

14. Hon. Mr. Justice E.S.Venkatramaiah

15. Hon. Mr. Justice R.S.Pathak

16. Hon. Mr. Justice O.Chinnappa Reddy

17. Hon. Mr. Justice A.P.Sen

New Delhi.

Regd.Post Ack.Due


Respected & Hon.Justices

I am enclosing herewith a photostat of an article "Those Early Years" authored by Y.R.Ghorpade, Ex Maharaja of Sandur which appeared in the 48th Birthday Number of the News Chronicle Ludhiana dated 23.11.1973 Vol.XI No.26, pages 71 to 73.

I am giving below the exact part of this article which I humbly request your Lordships to read.

"On another occassion I had a case in the Supreme Court. It was vital that I won in the case, for otherwise would have been in great difficulty. I was worried and wondering whether to mention it to Baba. I had then gone to have Darshan of Baba. Before I could mention this problem to Baba he said that I need not worry about the Supreme Court case as he would see that the case is decided in my favour. And sure enough in the next few days I heard that we had won in the Supreme Court."

The photostat of my letter dated 19.9.1981 to Sri Y.R.Ghorpade and the reply of S.Muthukrishna Secretary to Y.R.Ghorpade dated 14.10.1981 would prove that this article is authored by Y.R.Ghorpade himself.

This issue of News Chronicle contained articles by Hon. Mr.Justice V.Balakrishna Erady, Dr.V.K.Gokak, Ex. V.C. of Bangalore University, K.P.Mukunda Prabhu Ex Chairman of Canara Bank, Dr. S.Bhagavantam, Scientific Adviser to the Ministry of Defence, etc., and so the article ought to have been the truth as otherwise Hon. Justice Eradywould have taken objection to it as this article brings dishonour to our Supreme Court.

I shall be glad if your Lordship would kindly reply to the following questions as the above part of the article brings dishonour and disrepute to our Supreme Court and its functioning and also to the fair name of the Hon. Justices.

1. Can a person like Satya Sai Baba (who proclaims himself to be the reborn Shirdi Sai Baba and Sarva Daivatva Swaroopa - the god of all the gods - by showing some tricks as miracles without permitting investigations to the truthfulness of his miracles) influence the Hon.Justices in Supreme Court to favour the persons whom they want?

2. What is the part played by Satya Sai Baba and through whom, in seeing that this case is decided in favour of Y.R.Ghorpade?

3. Have the Hon.Justices gone against Law and Justices while the case was decided in favour of Y.R.Ghorpade?

4. If what is narrated in the article is false what action the Hon.Supreme Court would take against Y.R.Ghorpade and News Chronicle, Ludhiana for publishing this article?

As it is necessary that your Lordships reply to these questions to know that our Hon.Supreme Court is not going out of the way in deciding cases and look only to Truth, Law and Justice, I am sure that your Lordships would answer these questions individually or together and this letter and the reply is for publication.

For a reply by Regd.Post Ack.Due I am enclosing herewith a postal order for Rs.5/-.

Awaiting eagerly for a reply,

Encl: 1. 5 pages of photostats

2. Postal order No.K/38 762515 for Rs.5/-.

Yours in service of our Country,


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