From: B.Premanand,

Mettur Bungalow, Podanur 641 023 (Tamilnadu).

To: Hon. Mr. Chief Justice,

Supreme Court of India, New Delhi.


Respected Friend,

I shall be glad if your good self can kindly send me the following lists:

1. Names of the Hon.Justices in the Hon.Supreme Court.

2. Address of the High Courts in India and the names of Hon.Justices in each of the High Courts.

Kindly send the above lists by Regd. Post Ack.Due.

I am sending herewith Postal Order for Rs.20/- towards the cost of the lists and for sending the same to me by Regd.Post Ack.Due.

If they are not available at the Supreme Court kindly direct me from where I can get them.

Thanking you and kindly accept my sincere best wishes for a New Year with Justice for the ordinary people of India.

Yours respectfully,


Encl: 2 postal orders

No.W/46 659903 for Rs.10/-

W/46 659904 for Rs.10/-

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