By Regd. Post. No.F.109/Misc.84-SCA(J)


All communications should be addressed to the Registrar, Supreme Court, by designation, NOT by name.

Telegraphic address:


From: S.Varadarajan, B.Sc., LL.B.,

Assistant Registrar (Admn.J)

To : Shri B.Premanand,

Mettur Bungalow, Podanur - 641 023. (Tamilnadu)

Dated New Delhi, the 31st January, 1985.


I am directed to invite a reference to your letter dated 27.12.84 addressed to Hon'ble the Chief Justice of India, and to inform you that the purpose for which names of Hon'ble judges of this Court are required by you has not been mentioned, due to which I am unable to supply a copy of the same.

As regards addresses of High Courts in India and the names of Hon'ble Judges of those High Courts. I am to inform you that no such list is maintained in this Registry. You may if so advised approach the Ministry of Law & Justice (Department of Justice) New Delhi or the Controller of Publication, Delhi 110 034 to have a copy of priced Govt. publication "Judges of Supreme Court and the High Courts" containing all the information asked for by you.

Postal orders for Rs.20 (10+10) received with your letter are returned herewith.

Encls: Two Postal orders

Yours faithfully,

Assistant Registrar (Admn.J)

Phone : 387998.

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