To: Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson, Colombo & Madras

Your letters of 27th and 29th July 1988 with the enclosures were waiting for me as I had gone to Delhi on lecture assignments and returned back only 3 days before. Tonight I am leaving for West Bengal for about a month and will return back only on 27th of September 1988.

I am sending this letter to Colombo and Madras to the addresses given by you as you would be leaving Iceland on 25th August.

After my return from West Bengal etc., it will not be possible to move about as I will be in India only for about 15 days to leave for United States where I will be for about 3 months. I will also be attending the CSICOP conference at Chicago from 4th to 6th of November 1988.

Sai Baba's father's younger brother's name is Chinna Venkappa Raju. If you read the first edition of Sai Baba's biography you can find that he was also showing magic at the school by producing sweets etc., and also was doing the sorcery business. He had done sorcery at Dr.Leela's house as her father was said to have been possessed by spirits.

Late T.A.Pai's wife has with her an HMT watch which was produced by SSB and presented to Mr. T.A.Pai. They did not have children and so SSB had also blessed them that they will get a child, but it did not come true. Her address is Mrs. Vasanthi T.A.Pai, Manipal and if you meet her you can get the watch Serial Number and trace from the HMT as to who purchased it and how SSB got it to produce as if from nothing.

Similarly you can meet SSB's sister's son who is working as a peon in some industry in Rajaji Industrial Estate in Bangalore. He is physically handicapped. Similarly you can meet one of the earlier helper of SSB and also his personal secretary Mr.Murali who was the Manager of a branch of Syndicate Bank at Bangalore. You can gather much information from him on SSB. I donot know whether he would talk as he is afraid of harrassment from SSB's influence. You can also meet Shri Ganesh U Pai, Managing Trustee, Rationalist Brotherhood Trust, Near Tile Factory, Manipal South Kanara) Karnataka who is the brother of Late T.A.Pai.

Your reply to my letters will be published in Indian Skeptic from October 1988 with my reply and I shall post you a copy of the same. Can you send me a book copy of the Modern Miracles which is published in England? I shall be happy to receive the same. Please try to get a complete set of Sanathana Sarathi from the beginning and try to investigate them and then you will find that there is not an iota of truth in the experiences published therein. Sanathana Sarathi is the official Journal of SSB and it is stated that all articles published in it goes through the hand of SSB and all chaff of untruth is winnowed and only truth is published. So if one is able to prove one story false all other stories cannot be accepted on the face value, as they should also be false.

If you would like to meet me, you can meet me at Podanur where I will be from 27th to 7th October.

Yours sincerely,


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