From: B.Premanand, Convener, Indian CSICOP,

10 Chettipalayam Road, Podanur 641 023.

Tamilnadu (INDIA)

To: Yogiraj Manohar Harkare,

Ramana Maruti Nagar, Nagpur 440 009 (Maharashtra).

Regd. Post Ack.Due.


Dear Friend,

My letter to you dated 28-7-1988 published by Hitavada, Nagpur dated 8-9-1988 and there was a letter from Dinanath congratulating me and your disciple A.K.Dadina replied me through Hitavada on 20-9-1988. As apprehended by Dinanath, your reply ignored the issues raised by me and it was irrelevant to points raised by me.

I also received the following letters and an article sent by you:

1. An unsigned postcard posted on 22-9-1988 and received by me on 26-9-1988.


3. your signed letter dated 11-8-1988 received by me on 13-9-1988.

4. Your unsigned letter posted on 1-10-1988 and received by me on 5-10-1988 with Re.1/- postage due charges.

5. Your leaflet VAIDIK VISHWA printed.

Though you have claimed to have possessed the power to see auras around persons, it is really interesting that you could not make out yourself as to what sort of persons they were whom you allege as members of your institution at one time who are now trying to defame you.

You are asking me to experience the yogic stages myself, but I do not wish to waste my time for strenous practices. Anyway I would like to know how many persons joined your Vaidik Vishwa and practiced your method for the last twenty years and how many of them possess the clair perception. Would you mind giving me the addresses of these persons and also of others who have so far practiced your yogic self training?

Your are asking me first to read and digest properly the subject for cross examining you. I have not cross examined you, I only want to know whether you will allow me to investigate into the claims made by you. My question is not how you do it, and it is for this you need to read and digest your theory. My question is whether you have the powers which you have claimed you have.

About Kirlian Photography our study of the Kirlian Effect is published on page 26. This would by itself prove that all the claims made by you are untrue and that was why I asked you whether you can allow me to investigate into your self claimed powers. Please answer me directly, "yes" or "no".

In your replies you have made grave allegations against seven persons whom you say that at one time they were your members While making the allegations, you have not cared to substantiate the allegations with solid proof. I would request you to kindly substantiate your allegations with proof as otherwise it would lead to defamation.

Please let me know whether you are prepared to allow me to investigate into the claims made by you. I await your reply. If I do not get it I will have to take recourse to legal remedy as by your claims of Clair perceptions you are exploiting the gullible people.

With my best wishes,

Yours sincerely,


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