THE HITAVADA, NAGPUR - SEPTEMBER 20, 1988 - Yogic Self Training:

Sir, - This has 'reference to Mr. B.Premanand's letter captioned 'Yogic Self Training' (Hitavada, Sept.8). He has posed a series of questions to 'Yogi' Manohar Harkare, who is the founder of Vaidik Vishwa. We, the sadhkas of Vaidik Vishwa, know him from close quarters and address him as 'Kakaji' (Uncle) which he is for all. He does not like to be called as Maharaj or Bhagwan as others do. Now-a-days some individuals who at one time were in Vaidik Vishwa, are trying to defame him.

As for the first question Kakaji is a graduate in four subjects but he never says so. It is we who collected information about him from elsewhere. We approached Kakaji as regards the propaganda made through the above letter. He felt that such anti-propaganda is unleashed against all those who give their lives for the betterment of the society.

According to him Mr.Premanand can himself experience all the Yogic stages if he is sincere to know them, but strenuous practices and sincerity of purpose is needed for the same. Kakaji is himself against blind faith. Blind faith is equally detrimental for the health of society as are egoistic persons. Kirlian photography has proved many things about which B.Premanand seems to be quite unaware. He should first read and digest properly the subject and then start the business of cross examining persons like Kakaji.



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