Nagpur - 440 009. (INDIA).

Your letter dated 28-7-1988.

Dated 11-8-1988

Respected Sir,

Received your letter dated 28-7-1988. There was no postal order for Rs.10/- along with the letter. I have seen many who do not want to know anything about the subject but create new questions, bubbled through egoistic tendencies, dragging down both, the questioner and the questioned one. I think myself unfit for the race I think you are much above that level.

One PTI officer met me in Bombay and published an article in the press which he thought proper about me. Another man published about me in Nagpur Times of 4.5.88 and thought that I am duping people. Both are correct as regards their cultivations, they have imbibed in this life and lives before. I do not want to profess about anything. I am where I ought to be, though not acknowledged by others. Probably you have come to know about me through the person who wrote against me in Nagpur Times of 4.5.1988: otherwise it is not possible for a person like you residing at a great distance like Coimbatore to read a such a trivial news paper which cannot reach your place. I thank you for the troubles you have taken to know the truth.

I would readily accept that I do not know anything, if anyone is happy to think accordingly. It might be that you know more than myself about the subject, you querry about. I would request you not to spend your valuable time upon the instigation of persons who wrote to you about me. I do not want to blame or criticise persons only because they indulge in antipropaganda about me. I should only pledge the truth. The man, who wrote to you and published the article about me in the Nagpur Times of 4.5.88, is a corrupt man on all fronts of life. He is a drunkard, flirt, fortune seeker, torturing his wife, having illicit relations with other women and a wicked person, indulging in harassing and torturing others with no reason. I request you to know more about him. Every socio-spiritual worker has suffered much through such wicked persons. I should not be an exception to that general rule.

I would request you to undergo the needed Sadhanas required to attain the para stages I wrote about. I authentically want to state that you can get the same clair experiences, I speak about. But you will have to labour hard for the same instead of challenging me for that. Einstein profounded his famous equation E = mc2 in which there was a store of knowledge, how break the atom. Einstein himself was not able to break the atom which another scientist did afterwards. But the other scientist did not ciriticise Einstein because he could not break the atom. On the contrary the other scientist spoke with reverence about Einstein because he kept the truth before the world. May it be the same with you, though you think that I know not. Know that I am also against blind faith for which you are labouring, with love to all.

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