UNSIGNED LETTER POSTED ON 1-10-1988 received on 5-10-1988.


Read your interview by the P.T.I. correspondent at Agartala and was glad to appreciate your bold but needed stand aginst so called godmen and tricksters. Personally I am also against such socalled godmen and tricksters who befool and ruin the society in which they live. Persons like you are really needed by rational minded society for the sake of social health. But rationalism doesnot mean harassing and defaming honest persons who are also of your opinion and given their whole life for the sake of the society. Your recent statement in the Hitwada of Nagpur dt 8th Sept.1988 against a gentle and great yogi like Shri Manohar Harkare proves the same. Yogi Manoharji is a man of science and of scientific attitude towards all the aspects of life. Yogiji believes in the mental and intellectual upliftment of the society to which he calls as Vaidik life. He has corporated a work by name Vaidik Vishwa since last twenty years for which he roams all over the country at the age of seventy four when most of the aged persons sit idle in their homes. We urge you to know Yogi Manoharji and his work rather than allowing yourself to become a tool in the hands of some mischievous persons of Nagpur who are continually instigating you to write and defame the aged Yogi whom you should respect.

I am giving you the first hand information regards the rascals who are instigating you against Yogiji. They are, you do not know, drunkards, flirts, indulging in unsocial sex relations, gamblers, cheates and what not? I think you are doing this for the betterment of the society which should esteem you as a gentle and respectable person for the cause you live for. If otherwise, the society will take you of the same type against which you are fighting. If persons of Nagpur see you surrounded by such rascals, what would be your position in the public eye? I appeal to your inner consciousness to get rid of such antisocial elements which are making you a 'cats' paw'.

The names of these rascals are:

1) Jayant Kashikar (Reserve Bank of India,Nagpur)
2) Anand Muley (R.B.I. Nagpur)
3) Arvind Athale (")
4) Ashutosh Harkare                Who are nephews of Yogiji
5) Jayant  "                       and not allowing Yogiji to get
6) Balu  "                         the ligitimate share of his
7) Raju Vaishya and such others.   father's house.

Number (1) to (3) and (7) where in Vaidik Vishwa for some time during which they gulped an amount of 17 thousand rupees and to hid their misdeeds they are defaming the aged Yogi. You would be shocked to know that these rascals tried to belabour the aged yogi who is, like their father, as per age. They printed receipt books and misused the amount for their personal use and that also without any knowledge to the authorities of the Vaidik Vishwa. They may put their side with a clean slate, but don't believe.

I take you as an intelligent person who is easily able to perceive the inner side of such pretenders of humanity and humbleness. The only fault of Yogi Manoharji was that he forbade these opportunists not to indulge in such anti-social activities. They got themselves out of the work to start their wicked plans against a good man and a good social work which you will also appreciate, if you really try to know the same. I would suggest you to approach Yogi Manohar Harkare and know him yourself instead of giving your noble ear for the misuse of your enlightened self. I again warn you not to allow yourself to become a tool in the hand of such friends.

There is no god, that all pervading power is in every person who is conscious of that. May that great Consciousness again post rightly your wagon of consciousness which has been derailed by the gangsters you believed in. I am in touch with Yogiji since 15 years and is working with him as one of his PROs. I know him better than these culprits and mischief-mongers. Join us for the greater cause, we all stand for.

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