Materialized Crucifix.

Regurgitation of Lingam.

Why does Satya Sai Baba need a wooden vessel to materialize Holy Ash?

Why does Sai Baba keep his fists always closed before he materializes anything? Is it to hide the thing?

The way Sai Baba keeps his palms with fingers in un-natural way - this is the way magicians palm things!


By Medium Rare

Courtesy: Psientific American - Official Newsletter of the Society of Rational Inquiry, 3701 Clair Drive, Carmichael, CA 95608. July 1986.

If you've ever been in a group of people with someone who's lived on a farm, the subject of dowsing almost always comes up. This nifty little psychic demonstration will "prove" even to the skeptic that "maybe there's something to dowsing, after all."

Before this little feat, you will need to make a pair of dowsing rods out of two heavy-guage coat hangers -- just carefully straighten the wire and cut to 20-inch lengths.

Bend each wire into an "L" shape. The short end of the "L" should measure about four inches. The wires should be identical.

To begin the demonstration you explain that "dowsing is the practice used by certain psychics to locate underground water, lost objects, or precious metals.

"The indicators used by the psychics are variously called divining rods, dowsing rods, or witch's sticks.

"Herodotus reported their use by the Persians, Scythians, and Medes, and Marco Polo returned from his travels to tell of their use in the Orient."

Showing the two rods, you ask a woman volunteer to assist you.

'Turn your hands palms up," you tell her. "The rods are held by placing the point of the short side in the center of the palm with the short side of the wire extending directly up from the palm.

"Your thumb should beat the BACK of the rod, and your fingers are held loosely in front.

"Properly held, the rod will rotate freely in the hand.

That's good," you tell her, as soon as she gets the knack, "In use," you continue, "the hands are held side by side, without touching. The rods should be parallel to each other.

"To indicate a lost object or hidden treasure, the ends of the rods suddenly pull together and touch."

With assistance from another volunteer, you offer to test and demonstrate the working of the rods.

This second volunteer is told to write the word "water" on a slip of paper, and to conceal the slip in one of the five empty 35 mm film canisters.

The person puts the lid back on the canister, and mixes the five canisters to prevent anyone from knowing which contains the slip of paper.

Then, one by one you hold the capped canisters UNDER the tips of the witch's sticks.

Suddenly the ends of the rods converge on one of them, and the canister, when opened, is found to contain the slip.

Miraculous, no?


The working relies on several simple stratagems one of which includes your sacret awareness of which canister contains the written slip.

To do this, you simply make matching microscopic scratches on one of the canisters and its cap.

The scratches on the canister opened and resealed by the spectator will no longer be aligned.

In each instance, the empty canister is held directly BENEATH the ends of the witch's sticks.

The exception is the canister containing the slip of paper. You simply hold it below and out in front of the ends of the rods.

This causes the volunteer to reach FORWARD with the rods. The forward movement causes the tips of the rods to converge and touch.

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