Cover of Volume 1 - Issue 6

From "Modern Miracles" - Page 20: "There were spots of grey, dusty substance called vibuthi on some of the photos. We were told that they had first appeared some time ago, BUT EVEN IF THE PHOTOS WIPED CLEAN THE VIBUTHI WOULD START FORMING AGAIN:"

    Vibuthi should fly in th air. Why does it stick on the photos while it is formed?
  2. Does vibuthi stop forming once it is formed on the photos and whether only when it is wiped clean would it start forming again?
  3. If vibuthi is going on forming on the photos, then vibuthi powder would form a cloudy mist around. See how clear wr the frames of the photos and around. That means vibuthi is sprayed on the photos mixed in starch and it sticks on to the photo.

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