Press Note by Akhil Bharatiya Andhashradha Nirmulan Samitee

Akhil Bharatiya Andhashradha Nirmulan Samitee

16-B, Vidyavihar, Pratapnagar, Nagpur.

As we guessed, Pilot Baba has backed out of his promise to perform his act of stopping heart beats for ten minutes continuously at a stretch on 19th February 1988.

The Samiti vide its letter on 17-2-1988 to Mr.Sanghi and copies to the Press has clearly mentioned that all preparations would be ready for the event on 19th, either at a public place or at a private place, and the team of medical men to supervise.

Police permission for the event was sought by the samithi and the police insisted on an assurance from "Baba" that he would be responsible for any untoward happening especially due to the fact that the Baba was to confine himself in a glass cabin, in an open place like Yeshwant Stadium, witnessed by thousands of spectators Baba himself had not provided the samithi with any such guarantee or assurance, nor was physically present in Nagpur to provide the same, hence the tie resulted.

Police permission was obtained for other things like gathering of people, etc., except the samadhi, due to the insistence of the police department. Sensing this, we had already made private arrangements and informed Mr.Sanghi on 17th along with the press.

Mr.Sanghi was also informed vide the above letter to intimate the samithi by 5.00 pm on 18th, whether baba would arrive or not. But instead of contacting the samithi Mr. Sanghi has informed samithi at 2 p.m. today, when samithi members went to see him to inform about the preparations made, that Baba has been already informed by him that samithi had not made arrangements etc., and hence Baba's programme had been cancelled.

The fact being otherwise, with all arrangements made at the private place it is a travesty of truth to inform the Baba and the press that samithi did not make arrangements, hence the organisers had to cancel the scheduled event on 22nd as claimed by the latter (the organisers).

The event has been cancelled due to no fault of the samithi but due to evasiveness of the organisers and the Baba.

The issue is still open and the samithi has no objection if Baba after his return from abroad, prefers to show his yogic feat of stopping the heart beats for 10 minutes continuously at a stretch on any day in future.

But this experience has convinced the samithi and the people of Nagpur the fakeness of Baba's claim and the impossibility of his accepting this challenge in future.

The samithi has hence requested the Prime Minister telegraphically to prosecute Pilot Baba and see that he does not fool people at home and defame the nation abroad under the pretext of possessing yogic powers etc.


Sd.Umesh Chowbay, D.M.Alsi, Harish Deshmukh, Dr. B.L.Bholey Nagesh Choudhary, Sudhakar Joshi, Anil Dhage, Shyam Manav, Ad.Pendharkar, Suresh Agarwal.

Press Release by K.B.Sanghi et al.

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