B.K.Pal, Bhubaneshwar.

Here I narrate an interesting episode which shows how much man is afraid of the unknown.

Recently there was a small theft in my neighbouring village. An alluminium pot costing about Rs.200/- was stolen. The owner of the pot could not ascertain who the thief was. The villagers decided to approach a Tantric whom they believed that he can unfailingly reveal the whereabouts of the thief. The next morning some villagers along with the owner of the pot approached the miracle man and the owner paid Rs.300/- in advance of the settled fee of Rs.800/-. Though the cost of the stolen pot was only Rs.200/-. The villagers were determined to know who the thief was, hence they agreed to pay Rs.800/-. The Tantrik gave words to arrive on the spot after three days and the delegation returned home. Surprisingly, the next evening the stolen pot was found near the house of the owner. But the villagers were not satisfied. They were determined to find out the thief and decided in a meeting to carry out the tantrik rituals even though the pot was found. Surprisingly the next morning a youth aged about twenty years of the same village admitted that he had committed the theft. The villagers collected from him fine. A group of people went to inform the tantrik about the recovery of the property and the identification of the robber. They wanted the advance money refunded which the tantrik did not refund.

Amateur thieves get frightened often and the tantriks boast of their success in catching the thief. These things get wide publicity.

Here, a question comes to my mind. If one can know the whereabouts of a thief and the stolen material by supernatural means, then is it not wise on the part of the government to appoint Tantriks in place of trained police men to do the job?

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Last update: 5 May 1998