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Purushothaman T.K. Bhama Nilayam, Mangad, Post Kalliassery 670 562 (Cannannore Dist.) Kerala.

Your new plan to publish reference books on the psychic phenomena and their exposures is appreciable. I am so eager for them that you will soon publish them.

The Skeptical Inquirer of course is informative but it is too costly for Indians. So I think it will be very very helpful to publish the articles in the back issues of Skeptical Inquirer in the coming monthly issues of Indian Skeptic. There is no other choice to get such invaluable matters from other source. I think you will consider this suggestion. More over as you mentioned in your letter there is a shortage of books on psychic phenomena and rationalism. You might be during your eventful life, come across with several invaluable books which I think the oridnary people including educated can't select. Why can't you publish their titles, prices and their publication in India occasionally in the Indian Skeptic? I think you will respond to this letter.

29, May, 1989.


Ramesh Ch.Padhan, Post Gond Turum, Dist. Sambalpur, Orissa 768 115.

At a time when people tend to be skeptical about things like faith healing, the prestigious Bombay Hospital in the Western Metropolis has opened a parapsychology unit. Dr. Rama kant Keni, who heads it claims remarkable success reports Lekha Dhar, in an essay in The Telegraph of 20th February 1989.

Dr. Keni who is a trained geriatrician, claims to have cured over 90,000 patients, and offers a number of case histories of patients cured by him in his book which is subtitled "Case Book of a Spiritual Healer."

Recently, three psychic healers had come to Bombay Hospital from UK-based White Rose Foundation. On republic day they conducted a camp at Chembur in Bombay North-East, which was attended by 1,300 patients, said Dr. Keni, expressing his happiness at the treatment which, according to him had a 72 percent success rate."

A Soviet Healer called Daritashvile could measure illness by moving her hands along the patients bodies, say a book, Facts Beyond Credence authored by Dr. Keni.

I do not know whether you are aware of it. Certainly it is a set back to rationalism and scientific spirit. I hope you will investigate into the parapsychology unit in the prestigious Bombay Hospital.

I very much like your activities, which is promoting scientific spirit in our society. You are unravelling many superstitious beliefs, as my philosophy teacher Mr. Dhaneswar Sahu told me.


We are performing shows on paranormal regularly. We are all well. Biju (Biplab) has almost finished his course, so he will be leaving hostel. Pravash hasn't appeared in exams this year, he is planning to appear in service exams. Bisu is busy to start research! I also might go to Bangalore to appear at IISc. exams. The Utsa Manush people are well. Today there was a dharna on the issue of BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY in front of Union Carbide office here. Amitava is carrying on with his C.A. Course. Akbar has finished his exams and has become very interested in drama. And finally how are you?

Sudipta Roy Barman, Bijnan Chetana Samanwaya (Calcutta), SINP Hostel, 92 APC Hostel, Calcutta (700 009).

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