It was strange that of all institutions, Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Research, Pondicherry, held the first International Seminar and Workshop on Bio-Electrography in Medicine on 25th, 26th and 27th February 1988 along with the Pondicherry University, Pondicherry Cancer Society and the Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Societies of India (Pondicherry Branch) and sponsored by the University Grants Commission and the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research at JIPMER.

Having read about the Conference being quoted by Indian Godmen in the news papers to prove that their psychic powers have been proved through Kirlian photography, I asked for the copy of the papers submitted at the conference on bio-electrography, sending them a postal order for Rs.10/- for postage. The JIPMER kpet silent for about one year and only when I informed them that I may have to approach the Consumer Protection Council that Dr. Rajaram was kind enough to send me a copy of the souvenir published at the time of the conference.

In the Parapsychology Society's Newsletter of August 1987, The Straits Times, Singapore Monday November 10, 1986, Indian Express Bombay November 9, 1986, Aside Magazine Madras, February 16-29, 1989 it was claimed by Dr. Ramesh Singh Chouhan that Kirlian photography focussed on finger tip radiation fields, detects the virus in the human aura during its incubation in the body and before the symptoms could be spotted. He also claimed that this method was more accurate (eg: does not mix infection with inflamation) and is faster than radio diagnosis and biopsy.

He also reported an encouraging cure of 25% of sterility cases by detecting the short climax of the ovulation period. He said that Dr. Douglas Dean of Newark College of Engineering has introduced the use of Kirlian process for cardiac cases, arteriosclerosis, hypertension and other cases of circulatory malfunctioning. He argued that all beings have an aura that comes from the etheric body, thus reflecting the condition of the physical one - his slides confirmed that the colour, size, intensity and distribution of radiation fields in and around the human body change during disease and healing and are proportionate to the level of consciousness of any being and one enhanced by meditation, hypnosis, fasting, yoga exercises and praying. He came to the conclusion that the design, location, and even stones of Indian temples are carefully selected to ensure enough saturation to reflect healing energy. That low cost bio-electrography is non-invasive and radiation free and showed definite corona pattern attributable to the stages of malignancy and detected 100 cases of cervical cancer by using "finger tip coronas". That the equipment would cost only around Rs.8000/- and the whole process of investigation would take only 8 to 10 minutes.

Dr. Chauhan explains that all human bodies emanate electromagnetic currents called the "corona" with distinctive patterns for each individual. The aura is different for males and females. In perfect mental and physical health it is deep blue with a slight tint of grey. In the cancerous and pre-cancerous stage there is a definite increase in the intensity of emission as against the normal stage. Dr. Chouhan explains the reason "is perhaps the nuclear mass increase of cancer cells and increased metabolic activity in the malignant condition. A finger tip is pressed against a film negative placed on an insulated electrode assembly and 12 exposures lasting one and one half minutes are taken to minimise error due to physical variables like room temperature and finger pressure. The report is ready in half an hour.

I was shocked to read his article titled "The Human Aura - Bio-energy and Bio-Electrography".

This was the first time I saw a responsible research institution like that of Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER) publishing advertisements of the Society for Preservation of Ancient Rishi Culture who claim to have done research in Yoga and allied subjects especially Patanjali Yoga Sutras (Kundalini Yoga), by CRO Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri; about Sree Dhanwanthari Yoga Arogya Kendram at Neyveli which is claimed to be a centre for Medical Astrology. Homa Therapy, computerised Homoeopathic treatment, Nature Cure, Yoga Therapy, Acupressure, Magneto Therapy, PMF Therapy and Cosmic Ray Healing under the Director Dr. P.N.K.Kutty. The advertisement claimed to provide specialised treatment for Asthma, Cardiac Problems, Piles, Mental and Nervous Disorders, Paralysis, Rhuematism and even cure of Cancer. That their services are a perfect blend of Ancient wisdom and modern technology for effective cure of human ill health. There was also an advertisement of Sumati Cosmic Ray, Teletherapy & Magneto Therapy Research Centre of Bihar whose specialist was Sm.Sukriti Banerji and she claimed that there are diseases which may have many names like allergy, arthritis, dyspepsia, diabetes, eczema, gastric ulcer, high/low blood pressure, insomnia, nephritis, rheumatism, epilepsy, spondylitis, sciatica, mygraine, synusitis etc., but all these ailments (and many others) are curable by the art of healing from a distance.

We have a law that quacks are refrained from treating diseases, another one called "Magical Remedies Act", which prohibits even advertisements. Then there is the consumer protection act also. The Advertisers Guild also takes action against the publication of advertisements unless the claims are verified. The Organisers of the Kirlian International Seminar have bypassed all these laws by publishing the above advertisements. The Organising committee included Pondicherry University, JIPMER, Indian Council of Medical Research, Pondicherry Cancer Society and the Federation of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Societies of India and was sponsored by the University Grants Commission and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research!

The strangest and the most dangerous were the articles published in the souvenir as scientific papers on Bio-Electrography Research.

As it is not possible to print all the jargon published as scientific papers, I shall just give some samples so that one can know what it is all about.

Dr. Rajaram pagadala, Chairman, Organising Committee and Head, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, JIPMER in his paper Future Technology, Cheap and Effective" writes:

"Millions of dollars are poured into the immunisation programme,yet measles and polio are rampant. The reason perhaps is simple. Incapacity to handle the cold chain system that is required."

Simple techniques that help timing coitus like electrographic ovulation detection has been found useful. But sceptics refrain and the problem continues. Where there is a cure, why endure? Cancer is an uncurbed monster merely because it goes undetected in early stages. The important factor in its cure is early detection. Cancer research proved this to be true and Bio-electrography is ready to step into this position, but people have been programmed to look up to things very expensive. Professionals have stopped considering the needs of poor. More than 80% of our country's people are ignored for the less than 20%. What is the way out? When there is a milk booth, why not a labour booth? and why not a booth for inexpensive diagnotic aids based on Bio-electrography? As far as this is concerned Dr. Rajaram's views are reasonable.

But go to the next so called scientific paper by Marguerite Smithwhite who calls herself as the Director of the International Centre for Future Education, in London U.K. Her paper is on the significance of Bio-Electrography to the transformation of Education. This is her conclusion:

The aspect that has been neglected by educationalists all over the world is the knowledge of man's inner being and of parts of him that I call "his occult anatomy, which are invisible to all except clairvoyants whose range of seeing goes beyond the normal human limitations.

I found Kirlian (Bio-electrography). At last there was something scientifically produce which proved the existence of an aura as described by the clairvoyants. Whether what arrives on the film is actually the aura or simply an energy structure within the aura matters very little. The fact that a human electrograph will record changes related to varying physical, emotional, mental and psychic states, shows that auric emanation is an integral and extremely important part of the person and for the very first time children can understand that there really is something more to them than the form, visible body.

There is no child who has not an avid curiosity about things like the occult aspects of birth, death, reincarnation, other worlds, other states of consciousness, ghosts, astral traveling, self healing, telepathy, telekinesis, yoga etc.

One of electrography's greatest assets is that it is not confined to human or animal life. It shows an energy field around objects of socalled inanimate matter, so that too has a mysterious and intriguing aspect to it. It shows clearly an "exchange information" from human being to the aura of an inert object. When this is put together with the other marvellous science of mircophotography whereby the energy structure of common matter displays idea, order, organisation, planning, consistency and therefore undisputable signs of a mental process, however different it may be from human mentality, one must admit an absolute unity within the total creation, with a very new view of our own relationship to the universe and our place within it.

The third one is by Dr. N.V.Someswara Rao of the Institute of Applied Astrology and Cosmo-Biology, Hyderabad. He claims that what he is presenting is a hypothesis of the modus operandi of the 4-D Universe! He has tried to prove the validity of astrology through Quantum Theory, but utterly failed. Each statement of his contradicts his next statement.

His conclusions are that the physical universe is a gross manifestation of universal consciousness, operating through multifarious forms of energy with their cause and effect relationship intelligently designed.

He explains that space, time and motion in the light of the theory of relatively are acknowledged as the 3 dimensions of the universal mechanism.

That the extraordinary state of consciousness of a seer with Ritambara Prajna, Divya Pratibha (illumined foresight or faculty of intuition) transcends the 3 dimensional world to experience a higher multi dimensional reality of one infinite expanse of space-time continum. This is accomplished by expanding consciousness and experiencing timelessness. That the infinite canvas of time is like an open book to read by choice - precognitively or retrocognitively.

Bio-electrography is an instrumentalised precognition and retrocognition faculty of the human being.

The whole macrocosm is only an expanded microcosm and the microcosm is only a shrunken macrocosm. That Max Planck's equation indicates the possibility that a single quantum could have within it all the energy of the universe. Upanishads propose a similar view that the cosmic consciousness is immanent equally in every "anu and paramanu". All that exists in the whole universe is also contained in the tiny microcosm.

Under the Heading "Changing Characteristics of Cosmic Energy he says that but with changing time, the inherent characteristics differ with every passing fraction of second of time. The governing and controlling principle is the composite - essence of planetary vibrations of the sun - the moon and eight planets in relation to the fixed stars.

At the particular point of time, every point in space, every condition and every event has the same characteristics and quality as that of the composite - essence of planetary vibrations, which is reflected in the evolutionary process of any structure initiated at that point of time.

Shakti is the summum-bonum of soft ware of the causative, creative and directional mechanism of trends and patterns of evolutionary process of any structure that is initiated at a particular moment of time. The structure could be birth of a human being, formation of an institution, a social event or a national phenomena.

Shiva is the summum-bonum of hardware aspects of cosmic - manifestation operating at that particular point of time. Hence the essentiality of including consciousness as a parameter and visualising the realistic individualised universe 4 dimensionally. Even the theory of relativity leads to the conclusion that consciousness is the substance of the universe.

He then explains the modus operandi of 4 D Universe: Every organisation has four layers of functioning - policy making, strategic, tactical and operational. He says that the accomplished astrologers all over the world have a clear grasp of the specialities and peculiarities governing each of these layers of functioning. The contribution of Hindu traditional astrology regarding policy making and strategic levels are unique, masterly and illuminating. Regarding tactical and operational function - the practitioners of standard astrology and cosmology all over the Western world have a daily treat of blissful ecstasy by observing the universal manifestations - at operational level.

He claims that the theory of relativity explains the behavior of high-velocity particles and interrelationships of velocity and time. That it is now recognised that there is nothing like absolute time. As velocity increases, time slows down and vice-versa. At the velocity of light while time comes to a stand still within a single moment of such time, an infinite number of events can happen.

In the realm of situation where velocities are not as great as light, but are greater than that of ordinary physical objects, a large number of events can happen in a single moment of time - the velocity zones in the astral body to which consciousness is raised, expanded or activated determines the time and type of actualisation and materialisation.

"Aura" is explained thus: Every subject is a two-plane living organism. All conditions, changes and events are the product of the interaction of both planes, the interface - planes of the two different worlds, i.e. physical and astral bodies.

The physical body is composed of physical cells and physical structures. The astral body is composed of thought cells and thought structures. The substances of physical bodies have velocities which are low enough as to give them material properties. The substances of astral body have velocities greater than light.

These two energy-systems do not contact or influence each other except through boundary line, electro-magnetic energies having velocities approximating that of light.

As consciousness attains higher and higher velocities eg. dreams, precognition, Samadhi at the verge of dying, etc., it will have more and more experiences within a very short time in this high velocity region which otherwise require months and years of normal calendar time to manifest. The ratio of time is inversely proportional to the higher velocity regions of electro-magnetic fields to which the consciousness is raised.

Every body, animate or inanimate, has an astral body corresponding to its physical form and both have forms electro-magnetic in nature. Electromagnetic waves when radiated move with the velocity light. There are graded velocity regions greater than those of ordinary physical substance but not reaching the speed of light.

He defines Destiny as probable patterns and likely trends of evolution of a subject (crops, human beings, institutions, nations etc.) in all their facets of manifestation. Each type of subject has its own consciousness principle which takes a form, multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary, when it conjoins cosmic intelligence, pecularly unique for that moment of time.

It is observed that scheduling of timing of occurances, situations and events peculiar to the evolution of the consciousness principle is auto-programmed as for the characteristics of quality of its cosmic energy principles operating at the time of initiation. This is the subject matter of astrology!

Then he says that the qualitative aspects of growth patterns of each of the facets of evolution of the subject, animate or inanimate, with all its narrowly specified peculiarities, potentialities and limitations are manipulatable, manouverable and optimizable.

An astral body is the dual of the physical body connecting two worlds, the material and the energy world. The astral body has a controlling function over the physical body in the system of organisation of evolutionary programmes of development of consciousness principle i.e. the soul. Hence study of astral body through bio-electrography opens flood gates of new dimensions of human knowledge. What mechanical automation was to physical automation, what electronic automation was to mental automation, so shall be the potential of Bio-electrography to spiritual stability for way-ward humanity.

In the so-called scientific paper "Drugless alternative Therapies: Radionics - the Common Key S.N.Bailur representing Radionic Association of India, Hyderabad explains:

1. Naturopathy which he says takes advantages of Yogasanas, Hydrotherapy, diet, fasting, prayer, sun-bath, hip-bath, mud-bath, steam-bath, mud-packs, chromotherapy and a score of natural techniques to cure ailments.

2. Auto-urine Therapy for daily administration, both oral and topical for cure of many chronic conditions like blood pressure, heart attacks, chronic skin and venereal diseases, cancer etc.

3. Transcendental Meditation to tap inner force and build a reservoir of unlimited latent energy, intelligence, power, peace, tranquility and bliss. TM claims to establish deep relaxation relieving tensions, stresses and strains.

4. Psychic Healing by thought power for healing diseases either by their touch, look or transfer of thought power/waves even at a distance.

5. Reflexology otherwise known as Acupressure: Finger pressure applied in certain points of hands and feet to give quick sustained or curative benefits, depending upon the severity of the case.

6. Acupuncture Therapy: The body is divided into meredian zones and acupuncture points are located on these meredian sections. Points on these pathways are punctured with sharp needles, heated or pressurized, relieving or curing disease.

7. Moxibustion: The treatment consists of burning cones, wicks or sticks of compressed mugwort fibres over specific acupuncture points. Mugwort is considered as emmengogue to regulate menstruation and a remedy for nervous disorders including hysteria, shaking and epilepsy. Mugwort tea is used to relieve muscle spasms and to cure sleepwalking.

8. Magneto Therapy: It is used as a set (North and South pole) and when it is applied to effected part, it is claimed that magnetic waves pass through the tissue and secondary currents are induced. That when these currents clash with magnetic waves, there is an impact producing heat in the electrons in the body cell. The treatment is said to be effective to reduce pain spasms, swellings and thus control and finally stop the vicious pain-circle. That magneto therapy reforms, renews and promotes the growth of cells, rejuvenating the tissues of the body and has an all round beneficial effect. Decayed and inactive corpuscles are strengthened and RBC count is improved.

9. Teletherapy: Is claimed to render treatment from a distance with the aid of blood drop or photograph and give radiation through mantras, such as gayatri mantra, shani mantra, maha mrityunjaya mantra, Saraswathi mantra for improving intelligence, Kubera mantra for improving financial conditions.

10. Gem therapy is by use of gems.

11. Cosmic Ray Therapy: The radiation is done through sun rays or artificial light as a source with colour filters as agents.

12. Homa Therapy: Bio sphere is the life supporting system of earth. The lives of millions of species are in jeopardy due to pollution. The author says that the science of Biorhythms recognises the decisive role played by the biological rhythms in the incidence and cure of diseases. Homa Therapy is the solution. Homa (Yajna - Pujas performed with a sacred fire) purifies the atmosphere. It is possible through Homa to cleanse and remove pollution in our own minds. Agnihotra (Homa) causes bioenergy influence and automatically leads to a corresponding change in PRANA, the life energy that pulsates through us all and connects us through the cosmos. Prana and mind are two sides of the same coin. When there is a change in the atmosphere, it reflects in the realm of the mind eg. solar eclipse days, storm, cyclones etc. It is worth noting that tremendous amounts of energy are gathered around the Agnihotra Copper Pyramid, in which certain materials are given as offerings to reverse pollution at sun-rise and sun-set and this neutralises negative type of energy.

13. Radionics: The science of Radionics works in certain postulations which in principle are based on:

a) All created objects are merged in vast oceans of energy fields:

b) All such objects are vibrational structures each having a pattern, which is strictly individualistic and non-duplicable;

c) A part removed from the parent body, called the witness, emanates the same pattern of vibrations similar to that body;

d) Every animate and inanimate body has its own kind of aura;

e) The reference to this aura has no limitations in the timespace continum;

f) A blood drop removed from the parent body under goes the same changes as the parent body from which it was taken;

g) Through the blood drop, we can obtain "photos" of the internal organs of the body by tuning dials of the instruments to certain specific rates, which are the numerical counterparts of these organs with the help of a camera to match the individual vibrations of the operator.

h) Photos of the diseased conditions of these organs also can be taken from a distance adjusting the instrument with the blood drop on it to that disease rate. Light is used as a media in the whole process.

i) Rates are the numerical language of Radionics, which represent and occupy the place of pathology, physiology, pharmocology, bio-chemistry, virology, bactamology and other allied sciences in classical medicine.

j) The blood sample in the instrument represents a patient in the investigation or treatment ward.

k) Formulation of these rates is based on the principle that the genesis for every thing is crystallised numerically or geometrically.

l) Radionic analysis is investigation into the causes of the disease conditions of the body which are inherent in the system even before the tissues are disorganised. This becomes precisely predictable in the form of pathological symptoms long before the condition becomes apparent;

m) Radionics take cognizance of the subtle anatomy of man and takes a holistic view of man as consisting of body, mind and spirit;

n) In Radionics, the therapeutical effects can be conveyed to animals, plants, crops and soil also.

Since Homoeopathic approach adopts holistic views which are concurred with Radionics the benefits of this therapy can be transmitted through the "treatment" instrument in which both blood sample and homoeopathic medicine could be placed side by side. Thus the treatment and diagnostic evaluation involve the phenomena of an etheric body, cosmic vibrations, thought resonance with non physical aspects, remote contact and control. It works on the mental planes and the energy field of life activity and vitality therein.

Dr. Albert Abrams the Founder of Radionic thought:

1. That all matter is radio-active and the waves generated by this activity can be picked up across space by using human reflexes as a detector and that man's living body is a human wireless station.

2. That in certain diseases, dull patches are found in the patient which constantly occured when those particular diseases existed and these can be detected and amplified when the patient is faced to the west, thus suggesting that there is a relation between the electro-magnetic field of earth and that of the patient.

Ruth Brown improved upon the instruments of Dr. Abrams and with the help of the blood drop in the diagnostic instrument and the camera she constructed, she could take the picture of internal organs of the bodies of people who were placed at distances of hundreds of miles away. She invented rates for diseased conditions which are even now in use. George De Law Warr of Oxford and his wife Marjoria along with Leonard De Corte covered extensive fields of human pathology, plant pathology, bio-dynmics, remote sensing distance photography.

Radionics being a natural adjunct to Kirlian Photography, he says that both these sciences can be of great benefit in opening man's eyes to the vast potential imbedded in his "invisible bodies."

The paper of Dr. Yvonne Dupleissis Ph.D., Head of Study Committee on Dermo Optical Sensitivity, Paris, titled "Dermo-Optical Sensitivity and Electrography", explains the researches done so far in this field. As there would be an article on the researches so far done on Bio-Electrography which will also include the researches mentioned by Dr. Yvonne Dupleissis I am not going through his article now.

Dr. M. Prakash Rao of the Clinical Research Unit of Homoeopathy Pondicherry in his paper "The Vital Force" explains the beliefs of Homoeopathy:

In the healthy condition of man the spirit like vital force, the dynamics that animates the material body, rules with unbounded sway and retained all the parts of the organism in admirable harmonious vital operation as regards both sensations and functions, so that our indwelling, reason-gifted mind can freely empty this living healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence.

No organ, no tissue, no cell, no molecule is independent of the activities of the others, but the life of each one of these elements is merged into the life of the whole. The unit of human life cannot be the organ, the tissue, the cell, the molecule, the atoms but the whole organism, the whole man.

When a person falls ill it is only this spiritual self-acting (automatic) vital force, every where present in his organism, that is presently deranged by the dynamic influence upon it of a morbific agent inimical to life, it is only the vital force, deranged to such an abnormal state, that can furnish the organism, with its disagreeable sensations and incline it to the irregular processes which we call disease; for as a power invisible in itself, and only cognizable by its effects on the organism, its morbid derangement only makes itself known by the manifestation of disease in the sensations and functions of those parts of the organism exposed to the senses of the observer and physician, that is by morbid symptoms, and in no other way can it make itself known.

Homoeopathy believes that the vital force is not a mass power, but an infinite number of egocentric sparks. Dr. Kent in his Homoeopathic philosophy said that every thing in the universe has its Aura. Every human being has his Aura or "atmosphere."

Homoepathic medicines are dynamised, and now these dynamic fields (in various potencies) contained in the processed "pills" can be recorded through bio-electrography. He concludes his thesis by saying that the vital force is identical to bio-energetic or the auras as exposed through bio-electrography.

Dr. Erick P.Igenberg's paper is on his experiments with electrography in the field of medicine and Dr. Rajaram Pagadola, along with Dr. Srinivas Bathula and Dr. Someswara Singh Chouhan all of JIPMER review the history of Electro-photography.

Dr. Ramesh Singh Chowhan goes through the religious scriptures to prove there is human aura and the similarities between the clairvoyants explanation and the Kirlian photographs.

Yogashiromani, Yogashri Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri's paper specially prepared for the International Seminar is "Prana - Pranayama and the Pranamaya Kosha - The Cosmic Force - its Vital Control and the exuding Aura Field.

He deals with Patanjali Yoga Darshana.

In the December 1989 issue of Indian Skeptic we have discussed about Patanjali Yoga Darshana.

In November 1988 Newsletter, Arleen J Watkins and William S.Bickel discussed with experiments that the aura images seen on Kirlian Photos had nothing to do with the physiological, psychological and psychic state of an individual. that what was explained as aura, life force, life energy, bio-plasma or Pranamaya Kosha by the non-scientific people was nothing but a physical phenomena of applying a high voltage (15,000 - 60,000 volts) high frequency discharge across a grounded object placed on a sheet of film laying on the high-voltage plane. That when the object placed on the film plane is grounded to complete the current loop, a discharge occurs between the object and the high-voltage conducting plane creating an air-glow discharge, which appears to the eye as a purple-blue fuzzy light called an aura. The aura is a very real physical phenomenon and can be recorded directly on photographic paper, on film (black and white or color), or on photo plates. When the plates are developed, the aura appears as a fuzzy glow around the boundary of the image.

Based on their research it was found that the structure of the aura had nothing to do with the psychic energy, state of mind, emotion, well-being, illness etc., but on the lack of experimental control. They gave a list of 22 of the many parameters that has to be controlled before comming to any conclusion, as it was these which changed the aura patterns.

They have concluded that Kirlian aura is a visual or photographic image of a corona discharge in a gas, in most cases the ambient air. That the shape, size, intensity and fine structure of the aura depends on exposure times, conductivities, pulse rates, voltages and photographic properties of the plates and films used.

Will Dr. Ramesh Chowhan explain as to how he had controlled the parameters discussed in the article published in the November 1988 newsletter before he concluded his researches on Bio-Electrography?

Regarding the holistic treatment discussed in the souvenir if we go through the lifes of the people who propagate Holistic medicines and treatment, we will find that in all cases when it comes to treating themselves they run for allopathic treatment. We shall discuss some of the such cases in the comming issues.

There is nothing wrong in doing researches in every field. We are not averse to such researches. But it should be based on Method of Science, not just claims based on faulty understanding or interpretations.

The University of Regensburg neither approves nor disapproves of the opinions expressed here. They are solely the responsibility of the person named below.

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