3rd I.B.M. Magic Fiesta 1990, on 10th, 11th and 12th February at Calicut, Kerala.

B.Dayanand elected as The International Vice President of I.B.M. for India - A.P. Sreenivasan with his one man parade puts India on International Map.

The International Brotherhood of Magicians with its Headquarters at Bluffton, Ohio, U.S.A.,has over 275 Rings in 54 countries with a membership of over 12,000, making it the World's Largest Magic Organization. The I.B.M. India Ring No.261, is organising the 3rd I.B.M. MAGIC FIESTA 1990, on 10th, 11th and 12th of February 1990, at Calicut, Kerala, open to I.B.M. Members and other magicians. About 200 magicians from all parts of India and abroad are expected to participate in the annual event. Those who would like to attend the Magic Fiesta may kindly contact "I.B.M. India Ring No.261", Mettur Bungalow, 10-A Chettipalayam Road, PODANUR 641 023 (Tamilnadu) INDIA, for forms and other details.

The Secretary of the Ring, B.Dayanand, has been elected as the International Vice President of I.B.M. for India for a two-year term of 1989-1991, as informed by the Executive Secretary of I.B.M. Headquarters vide her letter d. 16.8.1989 and another d. 31.8.1989.

The August 1989 of the LINKING RING Magazine of I.B.M. U.S.A., has published a ONE-MAN PARADE by A.P.Sreenivasan, B.E., who is the immediate past president of the India Ring. This has put India on the International map, with his original contributions, almost forty years after anything like that appeared from India. This has received world-wide appreciation and recognition for India for its original talents, equal to any in the world, and is a great credit to our country.

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