Mrs. Sunita Banerjee, C.I.Sea Face Park,

50 B.Desai Road, Bombay 400 026.

18th February 1990.

Editor Rahul Singh had mentioned a paragraph from an article I had sent him on Indian Pyramids, and in particular, a white pyramid in the Himalayas, in the Sunday Observer, under Light and Shade, which appeared in September last year. (It appeared on 9.7.1989 Editor). In October, He had sent me a letter enclosing a photocopy of an article which had appeared in your magazine, The Indian Skeptic, in September 1989. I rang him up and asked for your address which he said he would give me, but he did not. Now, his article has appeared in Mid-day, on the gullible and the occult, and I am delighted to see he has mentioned your address. I feel like writing to you and replying to your article which mentions me and makes fun of me.

First of all, let me tell you that my article on the white pyramid in the Himalayas appeared in almost full in the Independent a few Sundays ago. It took me 2 years to get it finally accepted when all the other papers rejected it. There was an interesting visual with it.

Journalists get everything mixed up even when the facts and information are in front of them. Rahul got my occult friend mixed up with the pyramidologist. The occultist did not treat me. My white Russian friend was an occultist, the only one I have ever met. She used to get occult visions which she told me about. Since then I have been interested in the occult. She put me on to a Swiss woman who treated by pyramidology. She first diagnosed my medical problems with her pyramid calculations. She was in Montreux, we were in Geneva, about 100 miles away. My friend took me to meet this woman who was qualified pharmacist. She had to practice pyramidology in secret because the Swiss medical profession did not believe in it. I am interested in alternative medicine now having been cruelly destroyed by Western medicine which I now hate. They are practicing pyramidology here now, that is treating with small pyramids which they put on the forehead, I think. Every year there is a conference at the Taj Hotel, Bombay on holistic healing, and this year I think one doctor spoke on treatment by pyramids. I do not know what good results they are getting. If you want I can put you in touch with the Hon. Secretary of alternative medicine here. In reply to my article, the Independent carried a picture of a pyramid made by an Indian Police Officer which is supposed to be beneficial to mental patients. His experiments are in line with the experiments being done in America mentioned in my American books on Pyramids. Interesting things are supposed to happen inside the pyramid. Why should these not be scientific? The Pyramid, I think, is the most profound mathematical structure ever built.

This Swiss woman knew the art of mummification and she had mummified a small fish when I saw her. While staring at this fish I forgot to ask her how she did her calculations. She turned the pyramid north and did profound mathematical calculations judging by the deep lines in her forehead. I was not cured by this because I was not treated long enough, but I always felt it when she was treating me because my forehead used to pain. It was too strong, I think. My ailments were physical, not mental.

One cannot communicate through pyramids or use them for phones. My occult friend told me mummification was used for curing cancer cells, but I do not see how that is possible when blood has to circulate. She said there were only 2 or 3 books left in the world on treatment by pyramidology.

I am not interested in the rational. It does not satisfy me. Western logic leads to the nuclear bomb. As a painter I can clearly feel the divine laws and structure of the universe. I am a mystic. I need to sublimate life through music which is the greatest dimension, and art and creativity. I like extra-ordinary, I cannot stand the ordinary. I like the esoteric, the supernatural, I believe in the 4th dimension. In 1982 I heard Vivekananda playing music in the sky while I was reading about him. In 1987 I tried to pass the melody to a Bengali Musician, but I had no ear for music and could not do so. We could have lead an interesting concert. I get psychic intuitions which are correct; only I can't act on. One should not be too skeptical. The atmospheric conditions in the Bermuda Triangle and planes, ships and people disappearing there have not been explained. Sincerely SUNITA BANERJEE.


Dear Friend, Sunita Banerjee,

I would like to get an unedited copy of your article which you inform me has been published in INDEPENDENT this year. Only after going through the same it will be possible for me to express anything on that. I had not made fun of you, I have only asked some pertinent questions based on the claims made by gurus of Pyramidology which contradict each other. I have sent by seperate post the September 1989 issue of Indian Skeptic where I have discussed the claims and the findings on Pyramidology for your comments.

I would like to get the address of your Russian friend who claims to be an occultist. Is she in anyway Mrs. Indra Devi who teaches Sai Yoga? Please let me know. Please also give me the address of the Swiss woman who diagnosed your medical problem with her pyramid calculations. I would like to know more of your being cruelly destroyed by Western Medicine which you say you hate and what is the alternate medicine you had used for a cure of your health problems?

You inform me that many are practicing Pyramidology in India and they also conduct annually conference. You also do not know the results of such treatment by pyramids. Please let me know the address of the Secretary of the Alternative Medicine. Also send me the photo copy of the picture of the pyramid which an Indian Police Officer has made and which is supposed to be beneficial to mental patients. Unless I get the research papers on this, just claims made have no value. Interesting things can happen inside a pyramid only to mental patients. Anyone has a right to think and believe anything but these thoughts or beliefs need not be scientific or true, until method of science is used and the results got.

Art of mummification does not prove that mathematical calculations have anything to do with pyramid power. Deep lines on the forehead doesnot prove that she was doing profound mathematical calculations. If the pyramid treatment was beneficial, I am wondering why you did not continue the treatment. If you had felt pain in your forehead while she was treating you with pyramid power, then there was something wrong in her treatment.

It is nice to see that you have a questioning mind when you are questioning as to how mummification can cure cancer cells, when blood has to circulate.

It is not surprising that you are not interested in the rational as it does not satisfy you. Though Western Logic had lead to nuclear energy, it is the irrational mind that has misused the science for a nuclear bomb. As a painter you can visualise mentally anything, but in reality the laws and structure of the universe are natural and has nothing to do with divine.

Will you please let me know what you mean by MYSTIC? It is nice to know that you want to sublimate your life through music, art and creativity. Please let me know what you mean by sublimation and whether you have sublimated yourself through music, art and creativity. Every one likes esoteric, supernatural and 4th dimension. I am interested in them to know what they mean and what they are. These words mean nothing. It is significant that you saw Vivekananda in 1982 in the sky playing music while you were reading about him. That, though you tried to pass the melody to a Bengali Musician in 1987 you did not succeed as you have no ear for music. Could you give me the address of the Bengali Musician to whom you tried to pass the melody of Vivekananda? You say that you both would have lead an interesting concert. These are only wishful thinking.

I would like to know more on your psychic intuitions, and if they are correct why you could not act on them. What is stopping you from acting? About Bermuda Triangle we have already made study of the claims which we have found not to be true. After hearing from you about the points raised by me and after going through your article I shall comment more.

With my best wishes, B.Premanand.

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