As the Police department did not take any action against the Chairman, Miracle Festival, and Robert Tilton for contravening Act 21 of 1954 and section 420 of the Indian Penal Code, a complaint was presented to the 3rd Judicial Magistrate, Coimbatore on 23.2.1990, to punish the offenders of law and to prevent them from further commission of these offence. 16 documents were also attached with the complaint to prove the offence. They were advertisements in the Indian Express, Dinathanthi, Dinakaran, Malai Malar and Malai Murasu from 19th to 25th of February 1990. Also the copy of the decision card that was to be signed by people who wanted their sickness to be cured by invoking the power of Jesus Christ by Robert Tilton and also the notice distributed in V.O.C. Grounds.

The regular Magistrate No.III was on leave and so the acting Magistrate returned the complaint for filing before the Regular Magistrate after his return from leave. We were informed that the power of the acting magistrate was only to allow bail.

On 27.2.1990 the complaint was presented to the Regular Judicial Magistrate No.3. As the Magistrate was not conversant with Act 21 of 1954, he asked for a copy of the Act which was submitted and the petition was posted to 2.3.1990.

On 2.3.1990 the petition was returned calling for the age and father's name of the accused and also to explain whether this court had the jurisdiction. It was surprising that when one points out the contravention of law by some one, he himself has to go and do the job of the law enforcement department. The cause of the contravention of the law arose by the publication of the advertisements. In the advertisements the address of the accused is given as The Chairman, Miracle Festival, 473, Cross Cut Road, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore 12. The photo copies of these advertisements were also filed as documents along with the complaint. If these advertisements contravened the Drugs & Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act No.21 of 1954 and section 420 of the Indian Penal Code, it is the duty of the court to order investigation through the Law Enforcement departments, find out the culprits and punish them and stop them from further commission of the crime. Instead I was ordered to find the age and father's name of the accused.

The complaint was represented on 3.3.1990 again with the note that the father's name of the accused are not known and the address itself of the accused are sufficient to identify the accused. That as the advertisements of Miracle Cure have been made in all the streets of Coimbatore City and in fact the claims of miracle cure were made in V.O.C. Grounds, Coimbatore the complaint is within the jurisdiction of the court. Six additional documents were also submitted of the photographs of the wall posters, banners and the Miracle Festival at V.O.C. grounds.

The hearing was adjourned to 5.3.1990 on which date the complaint was again returned by the Court asking for the father's name of the accused. We had to search for the Voters List of Gandhipuram to find the age and father's name of the accused and also inquire at the Hotel Surya International where the 2nd accused was put up by the Chairman of the Miracle Festival to get his details.

A fresh complaint was presented again on 12.3.1990 incorporating all the details called for along with the first complaint. The court ordered to send the complaint to the concerned police station and was adjourned to 3.4.1990.

As the Police did not return the complaint after verification the case was adjourned to 25.4.1990.

I was wondering why the people do not report when they witness any crime. I can now understand why they close their eyes and run away. It is a herculian task to make the law enforcement department to enforce law. It is now two months since I filed the complaint at the District Munsiff's court and the Judicial Magistrate's Court, wasting my time and energy in the corridors of the Courts. The symbol of the Judiciary is a woman blindfolded as if she cannot be influenced in any way with the weighing balance in her hand. But this is an opportunity to see how the law works in India. Whether the law is applicable to all citizens irrespective of their status, wealth or influence, or just to punish those who are lead to crimes in their struggle to live. Every Indian Citizen has the right to live, to live honestly and it is the duty of the Government that they give them opportunities to work, to live honestly, and guard them from being exploited.

Let us wait and see.

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