Narendra Nayak

Secretary, South Kanara Rationalist Association, Mangalore. 19-2-1990


Dear friend,

I am herein enclosing a photostat copy of two cuttings of the Indian Express, Bangalore edition of the 24th and 27th January. The matter is self explanatory. I had also written to the Editor of the same news paper on the 5th of February to which there is no reply to date.

Why don't you write from the Indian CSICOP asking them for clarification for publication in the Indian Skeptic? You perhaps write to them a detailed letter quoting all the previous correspondence from us and ask them for an explanation as to why such nonsense is being published in a responsible newspaper.

One of my students Dr. Shrinivas Kakkilaya who also is a subscriber to IS is now at Hubli as a PG in the Karnataka Medical College. I had written to him to make enquiries about this and he says that there have been no such mass deaths and if there had been such, they would have been naturally brought to their hospital for Post-mortem

So, it is pretty obvious that some one is trying some sensationalism. It would be better if the whole thing could be published in the next issue of IS.

There is a seminar at the PG centre on the 16th & 17th March - the topic is science, society and spiritualism. I am going to present a paper at this seminar titled - Spiritualism a fraud. In this paper I am going to write about the 'spiritualism of JK, Osho Rajneesh, Satya Narayana Raju and also of some of our local spiritualists like Rama Devi. I will send you a copy of the same and you may publish it if you like.

Our Divine Miracle exposure campaigns are now being held all over Karnataka and as a consequence, the pressure of work IS NOW SIMPLY TOO MUCH. In the months of January-February 1990 we had about 20 programs all over Karnataka. In March 1st week a video film is going to be shot about our program and once it is done I hope that our burden will lessen.

How was the magicians conference at Calicut? Have you got any new "miracle" items? I am having a trick of frying pappadam using water which we are now developing. As soon as the proportions are worked out I will let you have the exact composition. The trick is in preparing the pappadam with quick lime. When put into water the heat causes the pappadam to get fried by the heat as well as the slaking of lime. This is said to be a trick done in old Mysore side.

(This frying of pappadam in water is a very old miracle. The godmen also cook rice in water. 50% of quick lime is added with rice and put in water - B.Premanand)

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