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From October I am not able to attend to the heap of correspondence that has accumulated so far. While at Himachal Pradesh I had to stand in a bus for 18 hours, starting the journey at night at 10-30 p.m. and reaching Dharmashala the next night at 11-30 p.m. and got sick with hernia and was to be operated at Bangalore on 12th November 1990. But due to throat problem I could get it done only on 21.11.1990. First time in my life I viewed about one hundred video films at my sister's house and gave about half a dozen lectures on scientific Temper and went in search of Gayatri Murti and Dr. Thimmappa etc.

There, Vina Hari, the charming and energetic journalist from Times of India interviewed me for the news paper, and the interview was published in Bangalore edition of Times of India dated 8.12.1990.

I got lots of letters from Karnataka enquiring about our committee. There she had compared me with Don Quixote fighting things which are not there like blind-belief and superstition.

My childhood hero is Don Quixote and also the pigmies in the Gulliver's Travel! They still continue to be my heroes. Miracles do not happen and blind beliefs and superstitions are also not there. But what I fight is not the things which are not there, but the criminals who exploit gullible people through these.

While at Delhi, one of the participants of my Workshop, after reading the above article by Vina, gave me page 15 of the News of Bulgaria which had published two poems on Don Quixote:

1. SONG OF THE DON by Dotri Zhotev (1921)

Aren't you afraid at all, Don Quixote?

Mankind yearns to put an end

to mystery, injustice and despair.

Do you think you can help it,

you, who are so good and just and fair?

Mankind is trying to rid itself

Of violence, treachery and fear,

Will you be its judge -

inexorable and austere?

Mankind desires to overcome

its stupidity and vanity,

Will you help it

with your love and insanity?

And, aren't you afraid at all, Don Quixote?


Where are you off to, Don Quixote?

You were created of words and letters,

yet no one has managed

to subdue you and put you in fetters.

Are you on your way

to vanquish wicked ills?

What you see is nothing else

But ordinary mills.

You ride a horse

which is not of flesh,

it has no hooves and no mane;

and your ringing armour

will never rust in the rain.

Don, don't ever give up your journey

and remember that human beings

live on this earth.

If an evil hand attempts

your progress to stay,

a good heart will open for you - a new way.

I am mentioned in that article as a bachelor! I have two sons! The first is married and has a son and the second in search of a partner in life. If any one would care to let me know. He wants some one to give him love. He is 29, intelligent and loving.

I wish that it is Vina's idea to call me Don Quixote and not the editor's, as I find that even the Omsbudman of Times of India is connected with Satya Sai Baba and a Trustee of his trust with more than a thousand crore of rupees assets. And this was what Satya Sai Baba called our Committee in 1977, "ants" and "Dogs". He said ants cannot measure the ocean and the stars don't care for the dogs barks, while at the same time saying that he is god and so also others! S.S. Baba should read Don Quixote and Gullivers Travels. Pigmies of the size of ants could imprison the giant Gulliver and Don Quixote and Sancho Panzas can put an end to misery, injustice and despair, violence, treachery and fear and stupidity and vanity!

I take it as the greatest honour to be called a Don Quixote and I work hard to bring him in my life.

What has surprised me is the letter to the Editor by N.S. Ramaswamy that is published along with the above article. He says that thousands have written in bold print about their unique experiences of Baba's help. Poor fellow, he thinks that whatever is published about S. S. Baba's miracles are true. We have investigated hundreds of such stories, where-ever there was a clue to proceed, and not a single story was true!

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