It is amusing that the members of the International Sahaja Yoga movement had to use the tactics of the politicians by holding a protest march to our Prime Minister's residence to seek protection from the skeptic group in Maharashtra. Did not their spiritual power gained by the awakening of Kundalini work? To control the onslaught of reason?

It is significant that when their literature claims to work enmasse spontaneously by awakening their Kundalini Power and raising the same to Sahasrara Chakra leading to god realization and samadhi, it did not work with the skeptics.

Some years back she had visited Tivandrum, the capital of Kerala for propagating her Sahaja Yoga and at the press conference she tried to work on the Kundalini of the journalists. She gave them some hypnotic suggestions and exercise to lead them to hypnosis for them to experience the awakening of Kundalini. The journalists complained that they did not experience anything. Then she came near to each one of them and moved her fingers on their body questioning whether they were not experiencing the crawling sensation through their spine climbing up to the head. They replied that they felt nothing except the sexual urge as she was playing on their erotic zones. She had to cancell her programmes in Kerala and leave immediately.

Though earlier she had claimed that her Yoga works enmasse and spontaneously she contradicts it by saying it can work only on genuine seekers. Skeptics are genuine seekers after truth but her Yoga works only on people who have unquestioning faith in her.

She claims that physically thousands have been cured of many incurable diseases, psychologically many are blessed with proper mental balance and thousands in India and abroad have got rid of their addictions without any effort.

Her follower R.R.Singh claims that Kundalini Shakti is nothing from a form of energy and through controlled experiments through certain laws, proceedures which it obeys. That energy cannot be seen but only its effects can be felt. He also claims that lots of patients including Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Architects etc., have been able to cure themselves and others following Kundalini awakening techniques of Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Again he claims that as a graduate of IIT, Kharagpur and a scientist of strategic defence projects have benefitted and have been instrumental through Mataji's photograph and printed discourses to cure incurable diseases of few other scientists of eminence even before they had met Mataji in person. That the Kundalini awakening technique have been verified of the ashrams and other bodies similar to other scientific experiments. That Kundalini exists only in human beings! Sexual energy is there in every living organism for the purpose of procreation. The conclusion that it exists only in human beings is because only human beings can be hypnotised. To give suggestions to lead a person to self hypnosis, language is necessary and language is monopoly of human beings.

More over if Mataji Nirmala Devi, R.R.Singh and any of her accomplices are treating incurable diseases without proper license and publicise her powers to cure incurable diseases as being done so far, I would request the Maharashtra Government and the Central Government to take appropriate action against them for contravening Medical Practitioners Act and Drugs and Magical Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act.

When she says that all godmen are fake and call them rascals she also becomes a fraud and a rascal being a god-woman.

She says that godmen and gurus earned their living out of people, but she does not produce an account of her expenses in conducting lectures and her tours abroad and proved that she didnot collect a single paisa from her followers.

She had also evaded to answer to the question whether she was ready to accept the challenge thrown by the skeptics to prove her claim of self-realization on basis of science and her powers to cure incurable diseases. She says that most of the time she has a busy schedule since she has to visit different countries to deliver discourses. Why can't she keep aside a few days and accept the challenge?

She claims that even after spending three hours with the skeptics explaining her Sahaj Yoga theory they have no brains and could not understand her self-realisation theory. Then there is something wrong with her explanation and her theory.

She talks about science having its own limitation. Really it is our knowledge which has limitations. It is true that there are many things which has not been explained through science. That does not mean they are beyond scientific explanations. When Nirmala Devi claims that her self-realization theory was no blind faith but a scientific fact, then she should be able to explain and prove it scientifically. And if she comes with the argument that her theory is beyond science, her Sahaja Yoga theory is based on blind belief.

If her Sahaja Yoga is based on science, I would request R.R.Singh to send me the research papers to prove his claims. If he or Nirmala Devi has powers to cure incurable diseases we could bring 10 cases in each for her to cure.

If she considers skeptics are unimportant to accept their challenges to prove her powers, then why did she hold the protest march at New Delhi to save her from the Skeptics so that she may continue to exploit the gullible?

Lastly a personal question. It is reported that Mataji Nirmala Devi is the wife of a U.N. Official Mr. Srivatsava. I do not know how many children she has to be called Mataji. I am wondering why she is so keen and running about to awaken the Kundalini of the gullible people in India and abroad? Why not arouse the Kundalini of her husband?

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Last update: 15 July 1998