REPORT FROM KARNATAKA - Narendra Nayak, Secretary, South Kanara Rationalist Association.

Following detailed write ups in Udayavani, about an exotic happening at Padubidri, a village near Mangalore, a team of our association decided to investigate the same.

The report mentioned that at around 7.30 - 8.00 p.m. every day a light would be first observed under a tree at a deserted maidan. This light would gradually brighten and then slowly rise to a height of 20 to 30 feet. It was said that this would then move horizontally for about 750 metres and then disappear down a lane leading to a temple nearby. It was also claimed that the same light would return the sequence of events happening in the exact reverse order. The light was also said to change colours in a totally unpredictable manner. The senior citizens of the place it was said, recalled the place being a burial ground and such supernatural phenomena were a regular happening in their younger days. On the whole, the whole occurence was ascribed a supernatural aura and painted with colours mostly of the fertile imagination. In its present manifestation, this phenomena was claimed to have been occuring daily for the past eight days.

On reaching the spot at around 7.30 p.m. we saw a large crowd of around 300 people with a good number of vehicles, powerful lights, cameras assembled. Sadly, the crowd waited patiently for the mysterious light to appear - which did not. For some time a meteorite's blazing trail provided food for speculative thought. But, the firm insistence of the more rational ones ended all speculation in this matter. A thorough search of the grounds and the surrounding areas was made. Strangely enough the maidan was not the deserted spot it was claimed to be. There were a good number of huts whose residents strangely enough had not been aware of such supernatural events though they had been living close to the spot for the entire duration of the 'supernatural' activity.

After two hours of hectic search around the spot, we returned without finding a shred of evidence to support the claims of the mysterious travelling light. Most of the assembled crowd were streaming back soundly cursing the newspaper for publishing accounts without any sort of proper verification. In fact all our investigations and questioning revealed only very sketchy, conflicting reports of the happening. In short, we had been led on a wild goose chase.

In order to put any more speculations on this to rest, we would like to offer a reward of Rs.10,000 to any one who can demonstrate to us conclusively the existence of this mysterious light of 'supernatural' origin. It should be due to entirely supernatural causes and not due to any mechanical, electrical or chemical means. In short it should be due to only from sources which cannot be explained by any of the natural laws. To prevent speculators from wasting our time and money we specify a deposit of Rs.200/- from potential takers which will be fully refunded as soon as the demonstration is made along with our prize money.

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Last update: 15 July 1998