I am wondering where our country would be lead to by publishing such trash as the article "What you think, I think Parapsychology" authored by Gayatri Murti - an interview with Dr. M.S.Thimmappa, Professor of Psychology of the Bangalore University. He was discussing as real, the stories in the garb of science about Gerard Croiset, Psychics in USSR, Dr. Rhine's Parapsychology experiments, siddis of the Indian Gurus, Uri Geller and others and Dr. Pasricha's thesis on life after death. I went through Dr. Pasricha's thesis and wherever I could investigate I investigated and they were nothing but stories like the Fairy Tales, and she got her doctorate! Some of my friends told me that she was forced to take up this subject of life after death and what she did was copying the same stories of Dr. Ian Stevenson.

This interview proves without doubt as to how well read and well informed are our Professors with the latest findings. What they have read many years back they still continue to believe and thus with their degrees they help the gullible to be more gullible.

This issue and the next would discuss about the Heros of Dr. Thimmappa and their exposure. Instead of talking about these trash, he ought to have talked about his researches and the author published about his researches. But what she has done is that she has published only Dr. Thimmappa's claims of his researches. Would Dr. Thimmappa kindly send us a copy for the research papers based on which he had made his claims in the article? Though I wanted to contact him when I was at Bangalore in the first week of June, for want to time I could not meet him. I phoned to some of his students and asked them whether they would help me to get the copies of his research papers. I was asked to meet him directly and they told me he is a nice person. May be he would kindly send me a copy of his research papers so that we could study them and then meet him with questions.

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Last update: 15 July 1998