Women are prime targets in a superstitious society. On 14th July 1989, an old woman and her son were done to death by villagers in Gujarat. They believed she had been spreading sickness in the village.

Champa, a widow, was chosen by unanimous opinion of the villagers convinced she was a witch. Breaking into her house that night, they beat her to death with lathis. Balo, her 15-year old son, was also killed when he tried to save her.

Crores of rupees are spent on rural health projects to make people understand that disease is caused and spread by germs. Such ghostly events make one realise how much still needs to be done.

M.S. Chandramouli, A-14/4 Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110 057.

The latest issue (April 1990) was particularly interesting and the onslaught needs to be widened. However I think both caution and balance are necessary. Just as a historian will hardly sound credible if he pontificates on astronomy, so also well-meaning but ill-informed skeptics will also weaken the case if they try to argue against astrology. We need the support of people who have studied astrology or allied subjects (astronomers, for example) to fight the battle against astrology. I am glad you have published the observations of B.J.Bok.

Incidentally I am enclosing a report on "THE POSSESSED" from the Sunday Mail of April 15-th-21st. May 2, 1990.

Manubhai D.Parekh,

766, Parsi Colony, Dr. Ghanti Road, Dadar,

Bombay 400 0014.

30th May 1990.

BAN ASTROLOGY by Mahesh Kapadi. I entirely agree with his views. All weekly, monthly, yearly predictions in news papers should be banned by law. PRESS COUNCIL must do this by arousing public opinion and force government to introduce legislation in Parliament. POLITICAL PREDICTIONS must also be banned totally. This has done immense harm to the progress of the individual and also to Nation. Our intellegensia and our scientists also believe in astrology and wear stones in their rings on fingers of mars, saturn etc. Late K.M.Munshi who was once a staunch believer and started astrological classes (still, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan conducts). In the Gujarat edition of Bhavan's journal I had read his article in the year 1963 or 64, giving his frank experiences of astrologers and Nadi Shastra, Bhrugu Samhita etc., whom he used to meet while he was the Governor of U.P. He had admitted that the present and past forecast of events largely come true, but the future predictions have never come true.

I have come in contact with astrologers, palmists, occultists since 1936 and my experience also tallies with Late Munshiji. Mrs. Bhatti should be congradulated for publishing Anti Astrology articles in WOMEN'S ERA. In India - unfortunately almost all politicians of all shades and parties - secretly approach their own astrologers to find out whether he will become Prime Minister or Chief Minister. People should be encouraged to do hard work and not depend upon stars. West Germany & Japan after second world war were ruined - their industry, economy, houses, roads, hospitals. Today, both the countries have not only regained their pre-war status, but became Super Powers only because of hard work.

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