While at New Delhi in December 1989, to give lecture demonstrations to the students of the Delhi schools on Science and Miracles at the invitation of the National Council for Science & Technology Communication, we had long discussions about miracles, psychic phenomena and prophesies. One of the scientists talked about the prophecies of Nostradamus and mentioned that he had very clearly and specifically mentioned the murders of Kennedy and Indira Gandhi. I replied that I had read several books on Nostradamus and his prophecies are just vague and meaningless and it is the interpretations which made them look like specific prophecies. That in the entire prophecies no names or places or dates have been given by Nostradamus. The argument went on and I told them the futility of continuing the argument unless we had the particular book wherein Nostradamus gives the name of Kennedy and Indira Gandhi. They were quoting Erika Cheetham's book and agreed to bring the book next day. But they did not bring it. They knew their mistake that Nostradamus was specific. What they thought was the Prophecies of Nostradamus were only the interpretations given by Erika Cheetham.

The study made by Charles J.Cazean, James Randy, Piet Hein Hoebens and Al Seckel are published in this issue. Take each quatrain of the Nostradamus Prophecies without their interpretations and try to understand them. You will not be able to make head or tail of these quatrains. Then try to put together the different interpretations given by different Nostradamists and you will find that their interpretations have no connection with Nostradamus Prophecies. If you know a little bit of history you can interpret the same to any other incident. No one have predicted the murder of Kennedy or Indira Gandhi specifically. After the military takeover of the Golden Temple at Amritsar and the killings of thousands of Sikhs, it doesnot need any astrologer to predict that Indira Gandhi should be careful about sikhs!

We also discussed about the dreams some of the friends had about specific accidents, deaths etc., of their near ones and friends. Sudden remembrance of an old forgotten friend who suddenly visits them the next day fulfilling the dreams. We shall discuss about such premonitions in our future issues.

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