Ramayan is a mythological story. Rama is said to be an Aryan. Aryans were invaders of India and the original tribes of India were forced to move to the south of the country and to Sri Lanka. The concept of God is that he is the creator of the Universe, Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omni-present. Rama is believed to be the 7th Avatar (incarnation) of Vishnu - the first amongst the Trinity, the Protector of the Universe. When he is the protector of the universe as per the concept of Hindus it is significant that he didnot care for his own Janma-Bhoomi Temple. Babri Masjid is said to be built by Babar at the place where Rama was said to be born after destroying the Ram Temple there. When Rama himself the Protector of the Universe did not care to keep his temple we are wondering why the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the BJP are destroying the peace of the people and our country to build the temple. May be they themselves do not believe in their god Rama as the Protector of the Universe. What we see now around the world is that the leaders of each religion are trying to protect their gods and their religion. We are wondering why the gods need the help of their followers to protect them and save them from the onslaughts of other religion. No one is bothered as to what happened to the palace of Rama in Ayodhya where he is said to have lived and ruled the country. Where is this palace now? Babar did not destroy it. If Rama was interested to keep the buildings safe, why did not Rama have the power to see that it did not get demolished? Why did Rama allow Babar to destroy his temple at his birth place and allowed Babar to build Babri Masjid? May be he does not care a hoot. If we delve deep into the history of gods and religion we can find that none of the gods had any power and it was the followers of those gods and religion who protected the gods and their religion. When god is believed to be omni-present how could he be locked in places of worship? Our sincere advise to VHP, BJP and Babri-Masjid Committee is that if their gods are all powerful as they believe to be, leave the matter to their gods instead of trying to protect their gods and religion. Please do not play with the peace and harmony of the people of our country. Do not turn our country into blood shed instigating the people to mass hysteria and destruction. Utilise your energy, efforts and wealth for the betterment of the living condition of the people and the country!

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Last update: 21 July 1998