38, Sunder Mahal, 141 Netaji Subbash Road,

September 13, 1990.

Bombay 400 020.

I congratulate you for receiving fellowship for your expertise and capabilities in the cause of promoting scientific attitudes among people from the National Council for Science & Technology Communication. I am sure your role in promoting rational and scientific thinking among the masses will get the good momentum and the government will honour efforts of other eminent persons who are working in such activities.

I have received Indian Skeptic for the month of June 1990. Due to oversight, in your letter to President R. Venkatraman dated 15.6.90 which appeared on page 27 you have mentioned that, President attended convocation of the Deemed University at Puttaparthi. After tallying with some people I learnt that the convocation is held every year on 22-11 and hence it seems President visited Puttaparthi on 17.12.89 just to met Sai Baba.

In your article on pages 28, 29 & 30 you have mentioned that Dr. V.K.Gokak has left Sai Baba but on inquiry I found that he stays with his son in Bombay and attended Sai Baba's meetings in Bombay when the later visited some time in April 1990.

I was surprised to read that you and your relations gifted 90 acres of land to Baba. How can a person like you who is known for his intellectual and rational thinking, can gift 90 acres of land to Sai Baba? If possible you can throw some light on the above matter.

During the coming November, I understand that President R.Venkatraman will be attending the convocation at Sai Baba's University. It seems a small aerodrome is built near Puttaparthi for Sai Baba's use. President is likely to lay foundation stone for a multi crore hospital project during the course of his 3 day stay as per the press report.

I once again whole heartedly congratulate you and wish you many more years of successful life for promoting science and intellectual and rational thinking among people of our society. With kind regards.

Yours sincerely,

Tushar J Swadia.

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