Zen Harris, a magician and a Skeptic from Goa has asked about "Backward Masking" in Rock Music.

We have the story of Valmiki and the "backward masking. Valmiki was a thief and a murderer. He murdered the way-farers and looted their wealth which he gave to his mistress and children. Narada discussed with him of his sinful deeds which would take him to hell. He asked Valmiki to question his mistress and children whether they would share his sins as they were also enjoying the fruits of his crime. They refused to share his sin. This answer is said to have brought a change in the thief. To absolve Valmiki from his sins Narada asked him to meditate on the word "MARA". This was the backward masking of "RAMA" the Aryan God and it was Valmiki who wrote the Great Indian Epic "Ramayana".

In effect it is the sound heard while back masking the Rock Music that the priests find sounds like Satan etc., and in reality the words or alphabets while read back have no connection with Satan.

Satan is in the mind of the priests. When they have to tell of God, they have to tell of Satan and Sin. So instead of thinking about God, they are obsessed with Satan and Sin and they see everywhere Satan and Sin. When they find that they can not exploit people through God, they try to prove that it is Satan that is in those who turn away from them. So they found Satan in the Rock Music.

There is a beautiful story in the Upanishads. One person wanted to experience and know god. He was told to meditate on God without thinking of monkey to visualise God. But whenever he sat for meditation the thought of monkey came to his mind and so he could not concentrate on the Mantra. Like wise these priests are obsessed with Satan and so in everything they see Satan!

The question is who would back mask the songs unless one has a special Audio player? And is there no Satan in Bible even without back masking? Satan is the creation of diseased mind. If one tries to back mask the word GOD, it is DOG, and the word CHRIST is TSCRY. Does these mean that the word GOD has a subtle meaning or message "DOG"? and the sublimal message of CHRIST is that if you believe in Christ, you will have to weep for life? And if these are not religious messages are they messages of SATAN?

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Last update: 21 July 1998