Injustice cannot be set right by another injustice. That was what was happening in India in the past. The Punjab, Kashmir and Assam problems, and the Ram Janma-bhumi Babri Musjid controversy are a part of this phenomena.

Problems cannot be solved unless both the parties take to the rational approach by being in the position of the other and then think what he would have done in such circumstances. If such rational approach to the problem of our country was worked out there would not have been any problem in our country.

The injustice metted out by the ruling class and the priest class to the majority of the ordinary people by restricting education to themselves and thus monopolising knowledge has kept the majority of the people under the thumbs of the ruling class and the priest class for millions of years. The religious scriptures are full of such incidents when the outcast tried to gain knowledge they were murdered. It was the need of the ruling class and the priest class to keep the people under subjugation to exploit them for their own personal benefits.

In a socialist country, every citizen has the right to learn. Our education system is such that only the rich and the intelligent can learn as the facility available in the country is not enough to give education to every child. In such circumstances this facility is snatched by people who have money power, or influence or intelligence. Intelligence is only the accumulated knowledge of an individual. Unless the majority of the illiterates are given an opportunity to gain knowledge they cannot come to the standard of the literates. So with the available facility the government has to see that the illiterates also get the benefit of education while on the other hand there is no dearth for intelligence. In such circumstances, the facility available has to be distributed to the outcastes to raise their level of intelligence. This was what was done by the Janata Dal Government. The Mandal Commission went into the details of the country through enquiry and research and formulated the plan. The past governments were afraid to take action because of the fear of being overthrown by money power. When V.P.Singh government tried to promulgate the same, the anti-mandal agitation swept the country. The money power behind this agitation is clear as otherwise the students by themselves could not have continued the destructive activities. Many state governments also encouraged the students through silence in destroying the properties and wealth of the government, to bring force on the Central government to withdraw their efforts for a social change.

Though India achieved freedom in 1947 and the constitution promised equality and social justice to every Indian citizen, in actual practice the governments had failed to give justice to the people.

The present claim of the students are that the percentage of seats should be based on poverty and intelligence. In such circumstances the selection of students for education and for jobs would be on basis of their poverty and intelligence. The majority of the citizens in India would never get an opportunity to get educated to sharpen their intelligence and thus would not be eligible for jobs also. The education system itself is based on as to who has money and a child of an ordinary parent cannot afford to get educated with the income of his parents which is much less than the fees collected by the educational institutions. The monopoly of the few have to be broken and the majority of the people also should have an opportunity to learn and rise up to the heights of the few who have grabbed knowledge and jobs.

It is natural that those who are enjoying these benefits would never like to share them with others. Forgetting the rights of others their thoughts are centred on their loosing their monopoly which has been theirs since millions of years.

No problem can be solved through agitation and destruction of the National property. A government should never bow down to such insolent might. For the first time in Indian history I found that the government stood for the constitutional right of education and job. So far the government sided only the mighty, the influential and the rich. The majority of the ordinary Indians had no rights. The majority of the outcasts did not even have the where-withal to approach a court of justice.

When one fights for his right, the rights of others also have to be considered. Just because one section had the opportunity to education and jobs it is not justifiable that the same state should continue at the sacrifice of others rights. Each one is focussing only on his own right. What the Anti-mandal agitationists have to do is to answer what they would have done if they were one of those unfortunates who have been refused education for millions of years through religious indoctrination and muscle power.

It is no wonder that the Janata Dal Government had to step down under such circumstances wherein they tried to give social justice to the majority of the illiterates and the minority community. Just because of the alleged allegation that Babar destroyed Rama Mandir and built a mosque in the place, this alleged injustice cannot be righted by another injustice of destroying the Babri-Musjid. Just because the muslims are a minority in India the government cannot be silent spectators to this. It is not the justice given to the majority who have money power, muscle power and political influence but the protection of even an individual and giving him justice that matters. Though out of power they have won. Occupying power cannot bring social change. They have now to awaken people to know their rights. Then no government can suppress or thwart them.

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Last update: 22 July 1998