The sudden exuberance exhibited by certain political leaders to rebuild the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya in the name of National Integration and to salvage the prestige of the Hindus, call for an honest and deep introspection. An armed brigade seems to have been formed to resurrect God from the stoney ruins to more salubrious surroundings. God the omnipotent and all pervading has been humiliated by this brigade by bestowing upon itself the solemn duty of protecting it.

Is the revival of the past glories a plausible answer to the correct state of affairs? In that event why stop with Ram? Why not go to our pioneer culture and rebuild the temple in Ayodhya which existed prior to Ram? At any rate Aryans like Muslims were Indian invaders. And they were the first to show way to other invaders.

Perhaps the resurrection of the Somnath temple appears to be the inspiration behind these fellow elite citizens. But ironically when Somnath was about to be invaded the temple priest exhorted the people to pray and thus save the God in the temple. the subject did like wise and whether they were protected or not is now history.

What a paradox it is? The theists pray to God for protection, and yet the survival of the protector depends upon the strength of such people. In that event why worship Shree Ram, why not worship the Advani's. The Rath yatrees, the purported protectors of Shree Ram.

The Strength of a nation does not depend upon the number or places of worship it can boast of, but on the strength of the will of the people to rise to the occassion, for otherwise our nation ought to have been the strongest in the World as no nation can boast of so many numerous shrines scattered along the length and breadth of the country.

Foreign invasions, havocs caused by floods, famines and other natural calamities never compelled Advani's to undertake any such yatra. Perhaps the problems faced by the common man are too small for the Rath yatrees who have higher solemn duties to perform i.e., the obligation to save and protect the Gods.

People can live in slums, sleep on the road sides and feed on garbage. They require no home or hearth. But God should have no housing problem on this earth. Mankind can go to hell but Ram Mandir we must have. Perhaps it is a back to back contract with God. They will protect the Gods, who in turn will protect the people. How ironical that Shree Ram himself gave up everything to save his people and yet these modern Rams are prepared to give up the people and their interests in their enthusiasm to save Ram.

It is high time such people see the writing on the wall. If national integration and the like are the true objects of this yatra, let them not proceed to Ayodhya where only the idol of Shree Ram remains but to places like Kashmir, Punjab, and Assam where the ideals of Shree Ram are being butchered and slaughtered every day.

Temples are constructed by masons, and it is precisely this job the yatrees have decided to accomplish. If they can build even A SINGLE TEMPLE FOR THE LIVING GOD on the way to Ayodhya rather than this luxurious temple for Ram, the diety will have all the more reason to be pleased.

It is a matter of great shame that today we are exploited not by foreigners who have had their day for centuries, but by our own fellow countrymen. We are passing through an era where the blind are trying to lead the blind. Fellow rath yatrees, have change of heart. If you really care, then there should be no more idols but only the ideals of Shree Ram.

The question of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya has generated a lot of anguish. We have to look within our selves and see where do our priorities lie? Is it in the idol worship at the cost of so many lives or simply following the ideals of Shree Ram who is Maryada Purushotham - the ultimate in manhood.

If you do abide by the ideals of Shree Ram, we will all consciously be your fellow yatrees for they say that the essence of all religions is "service to mankind is service to God."

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Last update: 22 July 1998