1. The Baba walks barefoot, which is probably the reason why silken carpets are spread on the path wherever he walks. He walks slowly, even mincingly, the robe being a definite restriction.

Sathya with parents.

It is significant that this photo of Satya Sai Baba wearing chappals is published along with the above claim. Now who would walk with sandals on silk carpets spread for him from the car to every place he moves about? This is what is narrated about him:

His physical activity seems limited to taking a few steps from the car (in Madras, it is either a red or white Mercedes) to the dais or a short walk among a gathering of devotees.

In the portico where the Mercedes stops, there is a strategic arrangement of flowers on the floor, receiving the Baba's feet as he steps out of the car. The path from portico to his chair in the hall is covered by a red, velvet carpet.

2. The Baba is said to eat sparingly but without any great dietary restrictions except that of vegetarianism.

This contadicts what the devotees say: "that he is partial to sweets, rose milk and the south Indian savoury called then kuzhal.

If he has no dietary restrictions why does he take a cook with him whereever he travels?

3. Whereever he goes a couple of bottles of clean drinking water go with him. At the venue, water from these bottles is poured into glasses and kept by his side.

Why should he carry clean drinking water along with him when the Satya Sai Organisation is said to impliment in more than 6400 villages clean drinking water supply? Does the god need cleaner water than the slum dwellers?

4. People also doubt his ability to materialise objects. There is really no reason to doubt. Take this incident. A foreigner, at one of Baba's meetings, asked him "Baba, you are always materialising inanimate objects. Why don't you materialise a living object for us?" "I will do it only to please you," Baba replied and held his hand out, palm downwards, close to the ground. As he raised it about one foot in the air, suddenly, a monkey appeared on the spot. The devotee was astounded. Then Baba told him, "All right, here's your living object. What are you going to feed it?"

The foreigner replied that he was sorry but he had nothing with him to feed the monkey. Then Baba turned to a lady sitting nearby and asked her to look for bananas in her bag. "But I have no bananas!" she protested. But when she put her hand into her bag, she found a whole bunch of bananas there! After the monkey had eaten it and was jumping around merrily, Baba said, "I brought the creature here for you. I have to now return it to its own group." So saying he put his palm on the monkey's head and started lowering it. As he did so, the monkey suddenly disappeared." All this happened only three months back.

When I read this incident I am unable to control my laughter. I am wondering what he is doing with the monkey under his long robe?

But just see how he is acting like the god standing in a stone lotus.

...The devotees take the turning towards the pink building with its curious blend of architecture and the BIG STONE LOTUS on the balcony where the Baba appears every morning to bless the crowds below. (It takes either courage or a curious sense of melodrama to make that kind of an appearance in public - at the centre of a fully-bloomed pink, STONE LOTUS!).

Instead of producing a monkey from his robes, if he had transformed this stone lotus to a real lotus and stood at the centre of the lotus it would have been a real miracle! But miracles do not happen.

5. KARMA YOGA - Spirituality through Social Service:

Sathya Sai Organisation has undertaken and is implementing a number of socially useful programmes. The organisation has branches in all the states of the country, districts and even some remote villages. In Tamilnadu the organisation has adopted 362 villages and city slums, where volunteers undertake to show the residents how to keep their surroundings clean, start mass literacy programmes, try to ensure clean drinking water supply, attend to the medical needs of the residents, give training in crafts to generate self-employment for the women.

Now let us see what the author of the article has to say about one of the slums:


Now has the slum near Satya Sai Baba's ashram "Sundaram" transformed to a better slum? Just read the interview with the slum dweller:

Strangely enough, the Baba's influence is not very strong in the slum nearest to his place of stay, Sundaram. On both sides of Bucks Road which adjoins the Sundaram complex are colonies of slums known as Dhideer Nagar, comprising some 500 huts. The place is on the banks of a murky canal, and is one of the worst slums in Madras. The mosquito menace is so unbearable in this place that it is impossible for visitors to stand in one spot for more than five minutes. The slum is likely to be right in the line of the Baba's vision when he stands on the full-blown stone lotus every morning. No one knows why he has not urged that something be done to improve conditions in this slum.

At the centre of the lotus in Sundaram. (Courtesy: Srinivasa Raghavan)

A committee formed for the improvement of the slum, during the early days when the Seva Dal was planning to adopt the slum, has now become defunct. One of the members, K.Radha, says, "We went to meet him and the Baba spoke to us himself. He said, "You are daridra (poverty stricken) Narayanas and they (the rich folk) are Lakshmi Narayanas. But to me you are both the same. I will take from them and help to make your life better." He even spoke to us about how to keep the slum clean and so on. For two months the Seva Dal workers came regularly and tried to help us, But the folk here simply didn't co-operate. So they gave up and never came back. But is that right? AFTER ALL EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT SLUM-DWELLERS ARE IGNORANT AND FRICHTENED. Isn't it the job of the social workers to reach out beyond that and create an understanding? Whether Radha's voice reaches Sundaram is anyone's guess.

6. Satya Sai Baba had told the slum dwellers that to him both rich and poor are the same. Let us see what is really happening in his ashrams:

There are two halls in abbotsbury (where the Baba addresses large gatherings in the evenings) meant FOR DEVOTEES WHO HAVE SPECIAL PASSES. One of these halls is reserved for women alone. In the other hall, male and female devotees sit together. The Baba sits in a space between these halls. CLOSEST TO WHERE HE SITS ON A DAIS IS A ROW OF SEATS MEANT ONLY FOR VISITORS OR DEVOTEES FROM ABROAD.

Waiting outside the halls are the hundreds of non pass-holders who seem to firmly believe that the Baba's walking over to see and bless them is strictly a matter of their own good fortune.

...Seva Dal workers add their bit to the tension by restraining the devotees from actually approaching the Baba. One man tries to go near the Baba with the obvious intention of giving him the red shawl he holds in his hands but the volunteers push him back to his place. The volunteers, in fact, keep a sharp look out for any devotee who tries to approach the Baba from the crowd.

Now the explanation given by an elderly volunteer is "Four years ago, at a function in Guindy, so many devotees gathered round Baba and tried to touch him that he sustained SCRATCHES ON HIS HAND! After that we're very careful not to let anyone get too close to him."

The slum dwellers are also resentful of the fact that they are not welcomed in the Sundaram complex.

"Only if you go in a car or a scooter will they let you in. If we, with our dirty clothes, go there, they frown on us. They obviously don't want us there, so we don't go."

This is what a lady, "Mallika" 50 years old told the author of the article:

This is the first time I have come to see the Baba. I have heard many good things about him, so I wanted to see him. I came here early this morning. When he came he got off the car and went straight into the hall giving blessings only to those in there. He never came out to see those of us waiting outside. I thought that I could perhaps see him in the evening. So I came at 3 p.m. - even then I was not allowed into the hall as they said that was only for pass holders. I waited outside till 7 p.m. The Baba did not come at all. Nobody even gave us a reason as to why the Baba did not come as scheduled. They merely said, casually, "come tomorrow morning to Sundaram."

If a politician had done this, we would have called him arrogant. But in Baba's case we merely say "we haven't been lucky enough." I had such a high opinion of him until I came here. Then I saw him drive in a flashy car and give darshan only to the wealthy folk. Worse, he kept thousands of people waiting in vain this evening. I am totally disillusioned. I won't believe in such avtars anymore."

7. Now let us see what this preacher practices:

"Devotees say that he doesn't like them to adopt expensive modes of travel while coming to see him. "Why do you take a flight, unless it is very urgent? Why don't you take a train?" he is said to ask them.

But what he does is to travel in mercedes benz cars and by air.

8. In the article Karma Yoga, it is mentioned that the Sathya Sai organisation also runs a university in Puttaparthi where 3000 students study. FREE OF COST (they pay nominal fees for boarding and lodging)

To know the truth of this claim that in Sai Baba's educational institutions the education is free I got the prospectus of the High School run by him in Kerala. I had to shell out Rs.25 for the prospectus of 20 pages and the application form. On page 10 under heading 11. TUTION FEE ETC., one has to pay a sum of Rs.5,500/- per annum which is collected in advance from the newly admitted and with a fine of Rs.1/- for default for every day and refund of the fees will not be allowed under any circumstances even if the student leaves or removed from the institution immediately after the admission.

I interviewed some of the parents who had admitted their children in this school. I am told that over and above this tution fee one has to pay in lump sum a minimum of Rs.25,000/- as capitation fee!

They also collect Rs.25/- towards library fee, Rs.100/- towards lab fee and a caution deposit of Rs.225/-.

This is the kind of free education the organisation gives and it is not possible to move the Consumer protection Commission, as the Chairman of the Consumer Protection Committee is his inner circle member who is also a trustee of the Trust.

It is not possible for 75% of the people to get their children admitted to this school as their total income for the family does not go above this fee!

And with all these income, the UGC gives them grant for construction and for the salary of the staff.

Satya Sai Baba's Mission in Life:

Now let us see what Satya Sai Baba has to say about his mission of his life.

This is what Srinivasa Raghavan, a Satya Sai devotee for the last 32 years who has been engaged in social work for the Satya Sai Organisation full time ever since he retired from the railway's in 1971 has to say. He is also the Editor of Tamil Sanathana Sarathi and has translated many of Satya Sai Baba's telugu speeches to tamil.

"I believe that he is an avtar of god. Whenever he has been put this question, Baba has answered, "Not only I but you too are an avtar of God. The difference is, I know it, whereas you don't. MY MISSION IS TO KINDLE THAT AWARENESS IN YOU."

From the following statements it could be seen that even after 32 years Sai Baba was not able to kindle this awareness in Srinivasa Raghavan:

"My life is in his hands - it proceeds according to his grace."

"I have three daughters. Worried about the responsibility of getting them married, I asked Baba about whether they would marry well. He replied, "Why do you worry? I will look after them." As he promised, so it turned out. All three of my daughters are very well settled in life."

The idea behind Srinivasa Raghavan's prayer to Sai Baba was for material gains and his mind has not changed even after 32 years.

" Bhagavan says about these miracles that they are merely his "visiting cards", to reveal that he is the avtar of god."

This again proves that the mission of Sai Baba is not to kindle the awareness of godhood in every individual. And what he aspires for is that he is accepted an an avtar of god.

"The greatest miracle Baba performs is the transformation of the individual."

"You want material objects so I give them to you. By doing so I draw you near me. After you have come near me I transform you into an individual who realises his own divinity. That is my object," Baba has said.

"All these minor miracles are siddhis the siddhas have always done them. But Baba's object is to go beyond performing these miracles and transform ordinary human beings into greater individuals."

It is amusing that if all are gods how could the gods forget their identity and divinity and how they could be ordinary human beings?

The Baba has not been able to fulfill his mission. Srinivas Raghavan even after 32 years of being with the Baba is still under illusion and his home bears ample witness to his near-total involvement with his devotion to the Baba. There are framed pictures of the Baba on the wall whereever you turn. In the pooja room, crammed with pictures of dieties and the Baba, is a small piece of cloth wrapped in a plastic bag. When asked what it was, Raghavan replied that 30 years ago when the Baba had visited his home for the first time, and he had done pada puja for him, this piece of cloth had been spread under the Baba's feet. "The imprints of his feet are on that cloth. Till today I have continued to worship it - it is very precious."

Satya Sai Baba claims to have more than three hundred million devotees. 64th birth day is being celebrated by him. Even after 64 years he has not been able to transform a single person to know himself, his divinity. He is still a crutch to all his devotees. So far not a single devotee has been elevated to Satya Sai Baba's status.

What the Baba really wants is that he had proclaimed in 1940 May when he stated to his parents and family: "I am Sai Baba. I belong to the Abasthamba Suthra, Bharadwaja gothram. I have come to rid you of all your cares. Keep your homes and minds clear and pure."

"What should we do?" His confused and frightened elder brother asked him.

"WORSHIP ME" came the answer.

This is what he has achieved by fooling millions of people impersonating as an avtar of god.

L.R.Jagadheesan concludes his article thus:

"If we were to leave the question of the Baba's supernatural powers alone, what remains is the story of a man who has a spiritual turn of mind, has a strong bent for social service and has never known to differentiate between religions or castes.

Vijaya Raje Scindia, the Maharani of Gwalior and the Vice President of Bharateeya Janatha Party and Vishwa Hindu Parishad is the trustee of Satya Sai Trust with assets more than thousand crores of rupees in 1981. She had been a party to the kindling of hatred amongst hindus and muslims through the Rath Yatra to demolish a mosque to build Rama Mandir at that place. She had claimed that more than fifty lakhs of hindus have marched to Ayodhya for this purpose and it is history what our secular government did to stop this. When Sai Baba claims that what he teaches to his devotees is unity of religions and gods, it is significant that his Trustee did not care to adhere to this principle. Now why did he not transform his trustee to adhere to social service and unity of religion by making use of the thousands of crores of rupees collected so that the fanatics could march to Ayodhya for helping the poor? He could have directed her to build houses for the suffering people of India - the temples for living gods - instead of stones. The Baba has completely failed to transform his devotees to social work and his practical advice on the conduct of the lives of his devotees, asking them to go out and do things - help the poor, improve the environment - rather than merely pray.

The scene of thousands of people rushing to him believing him as an avtar of god proves that what he really wants is to impersonate god. That is why he allows his accomplices to sing simple and melodious devotional songs allowing his name to be incorporated in the songs which in turn works on the sub conscious mind of the gullible people to accept him as god along with his self publicity of his alleged miracles to hood wink the people.

He now talks about universal Love. There is an Upanishad which explains LOVE. It says LOVE means to possess the object of love for himself for his enjoyment. That is what Satya Sai Baba has done in these 64 years. By claiming himself to be god he wants the whole humanity to fall at his feet to be crushed under his feet like the flowers he crushes which are strewn on his path. He has never elevated a single person to know his divinity and instead using them for his enjoyment. It is alarming that most of our bureaucracy, law enforcement department, judiciary, the ministers and the elite are a party to this fraud, to exploit gullible people.

The news that the President of India is visiting this impersonator which would surely boost the Baba's image, and make many thousands to fall a prey to this fraud, is painful.

From: Siddharth Radheshyam,

Near College Square, Bolangir 767 002. (Orissa)

20th July 1990.

Congradulations on your selection by the National Council for Science & Technology Communication for Fellowship. Hope the task would have begun by now. I request you to please intimate me in detail about conducting teaching classes for activist on Miracles as mentioned in your letter of 24.4.1990.

I am enclosing herewith two articles published in "The Soviet Land" of January 1990 dealing with UFO, Telepathist Detect at Teatable, and want to learn you are Psychic? Come to Eidos! which would be useful for our mission.

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