B.V. Raman's prediction for 1991 - B. Premanand.

While B.V. Raman believes that those who know astrology can only indicate in a way what will take place in future, in the recent book "Astrology and the Hoax of 'Scientific Temper'" his daughter Gayatri claims that her father has predicted specifically various incidents which have come true!

B.V. Raman says, "who else, except the creator Brahma, can say with certainty what will definitely happen?" there is no further evidence necessary that astrology has no scientific basis. He also explains that astrological predictions are not only based on mathmetical calculations, but also is an intuitional perception of the events likely to happen!

B.V. Raman's predictions for 1991 are neither mathmetical calculations based on stars and planets, nor can they be called intuitional perception. You will understand that they are based on what already have happened and in the air. More over, this is all he has to predict for 1991 about the world affairs and India:

1. As the year 1991 is about to dawn, the world situation is becoming increasingly complex.

2. Soviet Russia is facing political turmoil.

3. South Africa has been witnessing a historical turning point.

4. A unified Germany has come into existence leading to the fear of re-emergence of Nazism.

5. Crucial happenings are taking place in Pakistan.

6. The West Asian crisis is threatening world peace.

7. The situation in Punjab and Kashmir are worsening.

8. Indian politics is in utter disarray and the civil war in Sri Lanka has been taking an ugly shape.

He explains that all these are due to the movements of Saturn, Jupiter and RAHU during the past two years.

Now would he explain as to which and where this planet Rahu is situated?

Will he predict as to when these problems will be solved?

1991 - World Affairs:

1. The year starts with much concern to the world making the year one of unusual stress.

Would he care to tell in which year there was no concern and stress in the world?

2. Unequal distribution of rain fall, increase of robbers and dacoities, anger of kings, destruction of crops and grains, outbreak of epidemics and general misery.

All these are day to day happenings!

3. Cause of democracy will be benefited, Labour questions will come to the fore and people's representatives will have a say in matters affecting the common people.

Are these different from other years and future years?

4. Prosperity to the cattle, clouds delivering timely rains and strange things happening in the world.

When we need cattle who will not look to the prosperity of the cattle? Which clouds do not deliver rains and what are the strange things that would happen?

5. Affliction to the sensually minded people and great famines in different parts of the world.

Who are those who are not sensually minded? and which are these different parts of the world where there would be great famines? He ought to have explained them.

6. Fear, disturbed rains, death and destruction of Yavanas and affliction to the priestly class, brahmins, medical men and rulers.

When was there no fear, disturbed rains, death, destruction of Yavanas, affliction to the priestly class, brahmins, medical men and rulers?

7. During the period of May to October 1991 war fever will be at the highest pitch so far as West Asia is concerned.

Does this mean that there won't be any war fever elsewhere?

8. Developments in the Moslem world will continue to dominate the political canvas of the globe. The conflict between contending powers may reach the peak point. A significant political development may also take place in India, adversely affecting the head of the Government. The Indo Pakistan relationship will also face a great crisis.

Which year did the development in the moslem world which did not dominate the globe? Why May in the next sentence? Are the stars not sure? From 1947 Indo Pakistan relationship is facing great crisis.

9. Scarcity, famine and quarrels amongst rulers.

Scarcity and famine where? And who are the rulers who would quarrel?

10. Will adversely effect the political situation both in and around gulf countries. One need not be surprised if one of the rulers is assassinated or thrown out.

If gulf countries are affected the whole world will also be affected. Which is the ruler who would be assassinated or thrown out?

11. Will contribute to the increase of tension all over the world, the gravest repurcussions being produced in the Islamic countries.

Do you need astrology for this, when the Islamic countries are the producers of oil and the largest purchasers?

12. Intensification of the struggle between the conservative and the progressive communists in Russia resulting in a swing towards total capitalism.

Like other predictions this is only an after thought of last year's happenings in Russia. Did B.V. Raman ever predict this before?

13. First hurricane of the summer can be expected in Mid-July and the weather especially around the period of the solstices will be violent and the worst storms of the decade may be reported from different parts of the world.

This is a yearly natural phenomena and why Raman did not predict as to which are the different parts of the world?

14. Eclipses will heighten the tension between India and Pakistan, cause earth quakes and upset climatic conditions.

Eclipse or no eclipse the tension is there from the beginning. About earth quakes and upset in climatic conditions where would it happen and when?

15. On the political level Kremlin may face significant developments resulting in the over throw of an important leader.

Every important leader is overthrown there.

16. Adverse effect on employment, grains and cereals.

There had been adverse effect on employment and the employment registers would prove it. With every year it would increase due to the increase in birth rate.

17. There is danger of breach of agreements and violation of treaties generating much tension in international affairs. Many murders and outrages occur.

Agreements are made for violation, and when one could interpret agreements it would be violation for other. Regarding murders and outrages it is continuing from the pre historic man.

18. Troubles are sudden in railways and cases of libel and slander will crop up.

As if railway accidents are not sudden, and there had been no libel and slander so far. But when, where and who?

19. Occurance of earth quake in California, Japan and Iran is likely.

Thank the stars it is only likely. Are not California, Japan and Iran earth quake prone areas? What about other parts, will not there be any earth quake?

20. A major earth quake is also likely in May-June 1991 bringing in its wake much destruction of life and property.

This also is likely. But which earth quake doesnot bring destruction of life and property?

21. A sudden spurt in violence, military movements and weather vagaries are foreseen in June-July 1991 which will be high voltage months for the entire globe.

Good heavens, what is happening now in gulf countries and Iraq are not military movements. It is going to happen only in June-July 1991!

There are more such silly predictions on India, our neighbours, United States, U.S.S.R., West Asia and Africa. We shall take them up in the next month. So if anything is going to happen it is only in India, in our neighbourhood, United States, U.S.S.R., West Asia and Africa. Other countries are safe!

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Last update: 22 July 1998