For about ten years it is seen that when a person born as Christian when he opts for another religion, is kidnapped on the initiative of the parents and supported by authorities of the church and the state. The kidnapping is done in most cases by criminals procured by organizations financed through public funds. The victims are members of minority religions. They are kidnapped with the help of their parents, kept imprisoned for several weeks and are tortured psychically and physically for such a long time that they are absolutely broken and turn away from their sect. One of these cases which was completely concealed by the press in West Germany, happened in Switzerland about a year ago.

25 year old Sandro Passera from Monteggio in Ticino joined in summer 1988 Hare Krishna Movement and to live and work as a monk in the Ticinpo temple, a farm in Sessa. His mother Therese Passera declared to a Swiss magazine that she would rather see her son dead than in this sect. She and her husband through "Swiss Study Group against Destructive Cults" contacted a kidnapper Martin Faiers to lead back Sandro Passera by force to the fold of his church and family. For this the kidnapper was to receive 20,000 Swiss francs.

On 16.3.1989 when Sandro Passera visited his parents, Faiers and his three accomplices one a German Ulfert Meyer, pounced on him, overpowered and bound him and stunned him with tear gas. He was dragged into a car and abducted to a remote house in Breno. There the deprogramming treatment was started through psychic and physical terror to bring him back to Christianity, the religion of his birth. But this did not work as Sandro's fellow believers reported him missing. As kidnapping being a serious crime, the police took immediate action. Sandro's father and mother along with the kidnappers were arrested.

This is not a solitary incident. Faiers reported to the newspapers that he alone had deprogrammed 175 people.

As in Switzerland there are organisations in other European countries and in USA. In West Germany there is Action Committee for the Freedom of Mind and Psyche founded by Pastor Haak. One of the founders is Dr. Klaus Karbe from the ministry of Finance. In 1977 he got a book published with tax money. One year after Dr. Karbe had ordered his daughter, a member of the Unification Church, to be held captive for a long time that she "was allowed to understand that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of this world". In 1984 AGPF invited Martin Faiers as a prominent guest speaker to a seminar about "Psychomutation and Re-education of Thoughts". Faiers then was wanted by Scotland Yard in a particular Brutal kidnapping of a jewish woman in London who had converted herself to the Moslem belief and whom he had kept imprisoned and maltreated for five weeks after he had beaten up her husband who had to spend some time in hospital.

Something has to be done in this matter which curtails the Freedom of individuals in the countries.

To: Tribunale Penale,

Via Prettoria 19,

CH-6900 Lugano (Switzerland).

It is with great distress we have come to know about the atrocities of the Christian Churches in kidnapping people who believe in other religions. A person has the right to believe god and practice his religion of choice in any democratic country. Though I do not believe in god nor has a religion we concede to the rights of every person to believe or not to believe in god and practice religion.

We have before us the kidnapping of a 25 years old Sandro Passera from Monteggio in Ticino who joined Hare Krishna Movement in 1988 who was kidnapped by one Martin Faiers on the initiative of and supported by authorities of church and of the state. We have come to understand that the kidnappers and the orderer Sandro's mother were arrested and the youth liberated. We appreciate the immediate action taken by the Swiss Law Enforcement department and hope that the offenders will be punished in conformity with the rule of the Swiss Law and the judiciary will not be pressurised by influence from the Church and other countries.

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Last update: 14 July 1998