T.P. Nhaliyath

This refers to the reports that 206 unclaimed bodies were burnt in Howrah recently.

I am surprised to learn why our system fails to use even the unclaimed bodies when our medical students are short of bodies for their study. It is rather a shame that we could not use even the unclaimed bodies for medical purposes and simply burn them. It is nothing but crime.

I feel it is therefore high time that some one takes up the gadgets and follow it up. In Calcutta we have Ganadarpan, a social body and more than one Rationalist Association and innumerable revolutionary groups. Why are they all silent over the matter?

Why are also the bodies of the atheists, rationalists, materialists are either cremated or buried according to religious rites on death?

I would therefore request the people concerned not to waste unclaimed bodies in future and use it for medical purposes. As far as I am concerned I am ready to register with anybody or make an agreement to donate my eyes, ear drums, kidneys and any other useful part of my body to the needy on my death. I wish after dissection, the flesh of my body may be given to the animals and the skeleton to the medical colleges and museums.

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Last update: 22 July 1998