Vikram S. Mandape, 185, Raviwar Peth, Satara 415 001 (Maharashtra)

Jaisinghpur is a small town situated near Kolhapur, in South Maharashtra.

The Andhasshraddha Nirmulan Samithi of Maharashtra (Superstition Eradication Committee) exposed the fradulent exorcist Mahadev Chavan and his partner the astrologer Kshiti Shinde who claimed to materialise a ghost with demon's head on human body. It turned out to be a big fraud.

The exorcist and his gang challenged SEC through a news paper. The challenge was accepted by Dr. Pradeep Patil who contacted Dr. Narendra Dabholkar (Active President of SEC for Maharashtra). The terms of challenge were discussed and laid down on paper.

6th December 1990 was fixed for the feat at Khanjeere Farm. Due to the publicity given in the local news papers, the people thronged at Khanjeere Farm to witness the ghost. At the chosen time no ghost materialised and the exorcist had backed out from the challenge. The mob lost its temper. They forced the exorcist to confess that he was a fraud.

Though the SEC workers persuaded him to confess publicly, he refused. At last he had to bow down to public antipathy confessed in writing.

The hostile mob started pelting stones at the exorcist and the astrologer. Six people were injured including two women. The exorcist ran for life to the nearby house but the angry mob threw stones at the roof and many tiles were crushed.

To save the exorcist and the astrologer SEC appealed to the police and a police jeep arrived and they were escorted through the mob and taken to the police station.

Thus people of Jaisinghpur taught a lesson to the exorcist and SEC got another feather in her hat.

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