From: Bansidhar Das,

Quarter No.E-1, C.S.E.B. Colony,

Phulbani 762 001 (Orissa).


My congradulations to you for having been awarded the Fellowship by the NCSTC, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, New Delhi.

I enclose herewith a news and two advertisements published in the Indian Express for your explanation:

1. The news "Religious belief and Recovery" published in Indian Express of 7.1.1991. It claims that religious elderly women has less depression and better mobility after surgery to repair fractured hips.

2. An advertisement calling for experiences with godmen for use in proposed publication from U.K.

3. The advertisement by Sivananda Yoga, Vedanta Dhanwanthari Ashram, Post Neyyar Dam, Trivandrum Dist., Kerala 695 576, for chanting. "Om Namo Narayana" mantra for world peace. And also about a large crystal stored with the Om Namo Narayana deposits which is believed to transmit thought-energy like radio waves throughout the world, which brings peace in the world.

I would request you to publish analytical studies on these reports.

There was another news that Chief Justice of India claimed that astrology is an excellent science, unparalleled in the universe and so should be officially recognised.

Though I sent my criticism on this the Indian Express did not publish it.

I HAVE ALSO SENT TO THE Indian Express my criticism of the news: "Stress on Importance of Astrology" published in Indian Express of 7-1-1991.

I am happy to inform you that Orissa Rationalist Society, Phulbani, has been registered under the societies Registration Act in December 1990 and our registration No. is 504. Sd. C. Bansidhar Das.


This has reference to the news, "C.J. for official recognition to Astrology" (Indian Express, 24.12.1990)

Presiding over a 4 day seminar, "Veda and Jyotish" honourable Chief Justice of India, Mr. Ranganath Misra described Astrology as "excellent Science, unparalleled" in the universe. The fact is that a subject matter can be called a science, provided it has verifiability and repeatability. Astrology as a matter of fact cannot stand for, in the above lines of verifiability and repeatability. Since it fails to come within the definition of science, it cannot be treated as science and hence we should not dream for its excellence. Here putting a step further, I would request Honourable Justice Mr. Misra to please go through the statement made by 186 leading scientists, including S. Chandrasekhar and 18 nobel prize winners of the world, published in the September/October 1975 issue of "Humanist" America, (The statement is reproduced in the book "Science, Non-science and the Paranormal - Chief Editor: Dr. H.Narasimhaiah) wherein the public have been cautioned against un-questioning acceptance of the prediction and advice given privately or publicly by the astrologers. According to them, Astrology in itself has no scientific foundation. The signatories to the statement include, astronomers, astrophysicists and scientists in other fields.

So far as Veda is concerned, Er. Priyabrata Das of Orissa who is a regular writer on Vedas has stated in his book "Vaidik Prasnottary", published by the "Vaidik Anusanchan Pratisthan", Bhuvaneswar, that things in Vedas in this respect are limited to astronomy and no mention has been made about horoscope or its predictions.

David Hilbert, one of the world's greatest Mathematicians in a statement said that, "When you collect the ten wisest men of the world and ask them to find the most stupid thing in existence they will not be able to find anything stupid than astrology". (Ref: Science, Non-science & the Paranormal).

Honourable Justice Mishra has further said to have felt the need of upholding the centuries-old Indian traditions and culture! I appreciate these encouraging words of Hon.Justice, but at the same time I invite the attention of all concerned to article 51A(h) of the Constitution of India, which speaks that it is the fundamental duty of every Indian citizen "to develop scientific temper humanism and the spirit of enquiry and reforms". If at all we make efforts to uphold the centuries old traditions and culture of India let us duly utilise our scientific temper and spirit of enquiry in the line of article 51A(h) of Indian Constitution and if it permits, it is then a fundamental duty of all of us to uphold the tradition of believing in astrology.

As stated in the 3rd para, Dr. B.V. Raman criticised the dual role of men in power, which should be appreciated. But at the same time as an astrologer, if he speaks so to defend astrology, I cannot agree with him, for the reasons explained above. I may put forth certain predictions of B.V. Raman which are found to be false latter.


Indian Express - 12-7-1989

Dr. Raman's prediction in the above news article, that the Telugu Desam party will come to power in the next election in Andhra Pradesh failed miserably and Congress - I formed the Government securing a good majority in the house.

The political forcasts of Dr. Raman published in the Astrological Magazine Annual number: January 79, July 79, November 79, and January 80 also have failed miserably. (Ref: Science, Non-science and the Paranormal).

In view of the facts explained above, it is my earnest request to Hon.Chief Justice of India and such other eminent persons of this country to utilise their scientific temper and spirit of enquiry upholding the spirit of article 51A(h) of our constitution and please speak such things which are facts and based on scientific truth, otherwise I fear that such of their speeches may mislead the mass and act as a hindrance to the progress of India.

The University of Regensburg neither approves nor disapproves of the opinions expressed here. They are solely the responsibility of the person named below.

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