This has reference to the news article "Stress on Importance of Astrology" published in your daily on 7.1.1991.

Mr. B.V. Reddy, President, Indian Council of Astrological Occult Studies, while presenting the presidential address has opined that both astronomy and astrology were sciences like any other science and has scientific basis. It appears that Reddy's contention in this regard relates to the past. He is not clear in his speach as to whether astrology is a science even today. But Prof. K. Nagaraja Rao, so called noted astrologer of Bangalore has asserted that both the sciences (astronomy and astrology) would stand to reason due to their scientific basis. Astronomy, having dealt with the distance and the material study of the planets and the stars is no doubt a science. But astrology is a hoax, not a science. A scientific truth always stands for verification and repeatability. If it is a scientific truth the result of a scientific test that may be taken up by different persons will arrive at one and the same result.

As regards to the so called scientific basis of astrology, I would request B.V. Reddy and Prof. K. Nagaraja Rao to please refer to the statement issued by 186 scientists wherein the public have been cautioned against un-questioning acceptance of the predictions and advice given privately or publicly by the astrologers. There are astronomers, astrophysicists and scientists in other fields amongst the signatories to the statement. They have clearly said that astrology has no scientific foundation.

The 3rd para of the news speaks that Reddy has thrown a challenge to the critics of astrology. In this connection I would like to invite the kind attention of Reddy and Rao to go through the challenges thrown by B. Premanand, 10 Chettipalayam Road, Podanur 641 023 (Tamilnadu) who reiterate that, astrologers and palmists who hoodwink the gullible by claiming that astrology and palmistry are scientific can win an award of one lakh rupees if they can pick out correctly within a margin of 5% error and predict who is male or female and who is living or dead from a set of ten astrological charts and palm prints.

However, before I conclude, I want to make it clear that if somebody believes in any thing it is his fundamental right. But at the same time he should not impose his belief on others claiming that it has scientific basis.

Sd. Bansidhar Das,

Quarter No.E-1, C.S.E.B. Colony, Phulbani 762 001. (Orissa).

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