T.P. Nhaliath

Yes, we are in search of haunted houses! Not only haunted houses, but are in the look out for Poltergeist, Petitmal ghosts etc.

It was surprising to learn that there are "Haunted Houses" in Calcutta even in this part of the century.

In Kerala, during the past we had similar attacks at several places on several occasions. We call this menace "Kuttichathan" (Poltergeist) in malayalam. Our rationalist leaders late M.C. Joseph and Dr. A.T.Kovoor went to haunted houses and caught kuttichathans red handed. Now there are rationalists in all corners of Kerala who simply go to the "Haunted Houses" when such cases occur and catch them then and there. Generally we have found all the kuttichathans of Kerala in the servant of the house, a son or daughter, the mother or even the father himself. Here in Calcutta also it is someone among them. If interested we, the Bengal Rationalist Association (mainly consisting of Keralites) can go and look into the matter and catch the relative kuttichathans who are "playing" this drama. The incidents of Kuttichathan or poltergeist is nothing but a temporary mental aberration. There are also two kinds of disturbances. One is the poltergeist and the other Petimal.

I have also compiled a book under the title "Kuttichathan" in malayalam containing details of similar incidents investigated by the late M.C. Joseph.

Incidentally I would like to make it known that there are a few challenges still valid offering over a lakh of rupees to any one who can prove any super natural power. One is from B. Premanand, the Convenor of Indian Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal and another from a rationalist of Kerala.

Here in Calcutta, or for that matter Bengal or India if there are any haunted houses, the Bengal Rationalist Association with the co-operation of Atheists and Rationalists though a few in number, scattered all over the country and the world can investigate the matter and catch the culprits.

As far as "Kuttichathan" or poltergeist is concerned, I hope it will be relevant to quote: It is a phenomenon common since ancient times in most parts of the world. That it is the result of human agency was discovered by Dr. Johnson and his friends. (18th Century)"

(Universal Encyclopeadia (Revised Edition, Vol.X Page 6235).

Now, my friends, give us an opportunity to confront with "Kuttichathan" Poltergeist, petitmal or Haunted house or a ghost, Atleast give us a chance to live in a haunted house!

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Last update: 22 July 1998