M. S. Risbud, 2 Vasavi, 2101 Sadashivpeth, Pune, 411 030 2.2.1996

I read your article about Nadi-prediction in Indian Skeptic, January 1996 issue. Frankly speaking, I was disappointed. As you have said, inspite of your exchange of horoscopes, the astrologer gave your past 100% correct. You have not offered any explanation for his feat. He recognised the profession and name of your friend i.e. the lady doctor. To me it makes no material difference if he described her as a paediatrician instead of a gynec. Instead of laughing at the astrologer, I would have been astonished by his skill of fathoming these facts. How these nadi-astrologists manage to get into possession of facts about you? That is the million-dollar question; you are silent on this issue. That does not help me in the least. Further on, you have mentioned that you snatched the palm-leaf from the hands of the astrologer, and you did not find any mention about the person who entered with sandals and de-sanctified the room. This means that you were able to read the script and language of the palm-strip. If you are able to decipher the contents of these palm-strips then I will arrange to send you the photo-copy of such strip which Mr. Oka had sent to Dr. Jayant Narlikar, and which was displayed by Dr. Dabholkar in Pune, inviting Tamil knowing persons to read it. Mr. Oka will be able to give you his help in obtaining more photographs of such strips at the Agastya Nilayam. Merely throwing challenges, to the nadi astrologers does not suffice. Positive efforts are necessary to explode the myth of the nadis. The real contents of a few samples of nadis, if scrutinised carefully, will yield the clues. Can you help me in this regard?

REPLY: If I get good photo copies of the palm leaf inscriptions I can let you know what they contain. If I get a palm leaf, I could also check up the leaf by carbon dating to know its age. If you will kindly go through my article on Nadi Jyotisham minutely, you will find that all the points raised by you have been answered. If you want me to pin-point the appropriate sentences in my article which clearly explains the points you have raised, I can do so after hearing from you. I request the readers of IS to find out if the point raised by Risbud have been already explained in my article and to pin-point the sentences from my article which explains them.

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