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Recently I have come across a person who tells me about the superman power of the priests at Vaidyeshwar koil of Tamilnadu. I am keen to know about it.


Just today I returned from Vytheshwaran koil, a place near Chidambaram in Tamilnadu, a place famous for naadi jothisyam. I had accompanied a person and most of the claims my friends had told about it were totally false. Others still believe because it is difficult -for them to come-out of the influence of hypnotism. Scores of people throng there, spending a lot of money. Is there any article in your magazine or any other rationalist magazine regarding the Naadi jothisha? There are many claims of such instances. in my village, a person, claims that he can see the Sun with the naked eyes for hours. Medical science does not, accept this.

Is there any organisation that investigates, educates people about such events? Do you have any suggestion for us here?

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